Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Weapons Guide

This Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Weapons Guide will tell you about the different weapons that are available in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet.

This Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Weapons Guide has all the information about the different weapons that are available in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. We have all the details about all the available weapon classes to let you make your choice of weapon.

There are tons of different playstyles for you to try out as you play Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. The weapons will be your main partner in crime as you try out different styles and see how they work for you. Whatever suits your style, you can adapt and perfect over the course of the game to make yourself more effective in battle.

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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Weapons

There are a lot of different play styles and strategies that you can use when playing through SAO: Fatal Bullet made possible with the variety and types of weapons at your disposal.

You can mix up any playstyle that you want, so let us go ahead and see which one of the weapons will be a perfect fit for you.

Before we begin, you can find a complete list of Weapon Arts at our separate page.


Weapon Tips And Tricks

Below are all the weapons found in SAO: Fatal Bullet along with all their details.

Handgun. It’s the lightest weapon in game, making it the most maneuverable and best for agile gameplay. It has a decent fire rate and damage coupled with a small ammo clip.

Be sure not to add a lot of heavy stuff with it as it’ll kill its advantage. Use it alongside a sword to reap the best use of it.  The best thing is that they can be used together with a sword.

Submachine Guns have the best fire rate and mobility ratio of all weapons. Their accuracy at mid to long range is not good but they make up for it with their mobility, allowing you to get close to your enemy in a whiff. They are the best guns to shoot sprays of bullets at your enemies and making them count.

Assault Rifles is a middle of the way weapon which is best for new player due to its versatility in play. It is heavier than the Sub Machine Guns but accounts for it with a sufficiently increases damage and range. Its accuracy is the greatest in all weapon thus it can easily be put to use in any situation.

Shotguns are used in close range as they have insanely high damage and very short range. Its shots are effective only for a very short distance therefore the player must move around quickly and get close to the enemies to blow their heads.

The weapon gets really easy kills but it’s not easy to get into enemies’ range to use it without getting a lot of damage yourself.

Sniper Rifles have the longest range of all weapons and have a ridiculous amount of damage as well. They are extremely heavy and have a slow fire rate which makes them only use for long distance engagement. Too close to the enemy and this gun gets useless to the point that you can’t get a shot straight.

Launchers create explosions on the battlefield. They do not have much of a clip size and fire rate as they fire only one Rocket at once. But the massive explosion and area damage that it has makes the fire rate fell sufficient.

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Gatling Guns are an extremely heavy weapon that fire tons of bullets to spam the opponent but at a terrible accuracy; to compensate for all of their redeeming qualities. Do not expect to get a lot of kills with it at the start as it has a bit of a learning curve.

Swords are melee weapons that can do a lot of damage. They do not require any bullets but they have almost zero range so you need to get really close to use them. Skilled players might be able to use them well but newer players should definitely avoid them and stick to the automatic weapons.

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