Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Kirito Mode Guide

Kirito mod in Sword Art Online is a good side activity players should try, especially if they are looking to romance certain characters.

In this Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Kirito Mode, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about the Kirito Mode, how to complete it, and why should you consider investing your time into completing it. Before we start, do note that the Kirito Mode unlock fairly late into the Main Story.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Kirito Mode

Once unlocked, you should be able to start the Kirito Mode from Game Start on the Title Screen. In the game, the Kirito Mode essentially revolves around a side story involving Kirito.

One important thing that you need to know about the Kirito Mode is that it gives you complete freedom to roam around the in-game world.

In addition to this, you’ve the ability to carry your equipment and credits to your primary character. The game, however, does restrict you from altering Kirito’s stats, weapons, and your ability to play online.

Why Should You Try Kirito Mode?

One of the primary benefits of trying out and investing in the Kirito Mode is to gain access to romance.

While your primary character is able to romance a handful of characters during the Main Story, your options are severely limited.


This is because the Kirito Mode allows you to romance characters such as Sinon, Asuna, and others.

If romance is not your cup of tea or you’d rather romance waifus using your primary character, there are some other benefits of investing into the Kirito Mode.

Playing the mode allows you to unlock two skills i.e. Bullet Deflector and Phantom Bullet Line.

Bullet Deflector is Kirito’s bullet-stopping skill while Phantom Bullet Line is Sinon’s skill that lets you to emit a purple hue out of your weapon, which grabs the attention of enemies you’re aiming at.

Both of these skills are fairly useful so I’d recommend checking them out.

Furthermore, you also get Optical Cloak in the store. This gadget essentially allows you to become invisible and more difficult to be spotted by enemies.

Given the fact that the story of the Kirito Mode is shorter with all the cutscenes, you should definitely consider investing in it.

How To Complete Kirito Mode

After you gain control of Kirito, you need to head over to the Lobby Area of SBC Glocken and look for a yellow speech icon.

Once you’re done with the events, make your way towards the yellow marker that is the teleporter inside the Lobby Area. Heading to the area will allow you to initiate your first duel.

You simply need to find the player near the horizontal borders of the map and eliminate. This will allow you to start the events.

After the events, you need to retrace your steps back to the teleporter in the Lobby Area in order to start your next match.

Once again, you need to find the player followed by elimination. You should be able to find this player fairly easily as opposed to the first one.

Like before, after eliminating the player, evens will ensue. As you did earlier, you need to head back to the teleporter after the duel and start your third match.

When it comes to the third match, you won’t have to find any one hidden. Simply kill your final target and conclude the Kirito Mode.

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