Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Beginners Guide – Facilities, Sub-Quests, Combat Tips (Beginners Tips And Tricks)

This Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Beginners Guide will tell you all about the basics of the game so that you can understand what is going on and what each option does in the game. This will help you move on to the more advanced stuff such as learning about all of the Skills, the Gadgets, and which one of them should you be using.

Despite the game having many useful features such as Aim Assist which can help you aim automatically and the Ultimate Fiber Gun which can be used to get to higher platforms, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is still a very complicated game which requires a lot of time to get to used to.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Beginners Guide

The first thing you should know about are Status Effects. These can be upgraded with CP and include things such as:

  • Strength = Increases your carrying capacity
  • Luck = Increases item drop rate and critical hits
  • Vitality = Increases HP and reduces incoming damage
  • Dexterity = Increases critical hits and bullet circle effectiveness
  • Agility = Increases movement speed, reduces damage, and reload speed
  • Intelligence = Decreases recharge, increases effectiveness of skills, and increases rate at which abnormal Status Effects are applied

You can also obtain Medals and trade them in the Lobby Facilities. Attack Medals are given for killing five enemies with Gadgets, inflicting debuffs, and killing in-game players. Support Medals are also given for healing, recovering abnormal statuses, reviving, and buffing. Lastly, the Weapon Medals are given for multiple kills and every 5 kills as well.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

In order to change your Skills and Gadgets; you need to go to your home, open your computer, and select one of the sets from the Skills or Gadgets section. After this, you should take a look around the Lobby Facilities as it will be the core way to advance yourself in the game.

Lobby Facilities
You can also use the Lobby Facilities to fight PVP or PVE. PVE can be good for farming rare materials whereas PVP can be an interesting way to take out a boss. You can also use the General Shop in the Lobby Facilities, which sells everything from Gadgets to Weapons to Ammo to Skins. You also have access to the Sub-Quest Terminal, which can be good for receiving rewards and farming stuff. You can do these quests as many times as you want.

Town Facilities
Apart from this, there are Facilities in the Town, which can be used for an assortment for stuff. You can buy Weapon Arts from Argo’s Information Exchange. You can also sell information that you have gathered in your travels here to get free money.

You can also Buy Rarer Weapons in the Weapon Specialist Shop. This shop will offer better weapons as you progress in the game. Lastly, the materials shop can give you some materials, which can be used for upgrades.

You can talk to your wife and tweak her personality, AI, and manage your funds. You can grant an allowance, which can help Arfa-Sys buy various items after 3 quests. You can also deposit money and earn interest on it! You can try putting all of your money in the bank and doing 3 sub-quests in the first area before returning to claim your interest. Do this repeatedly to farm money.

Squadron Quests
There are three different types of Squadron Quests. In PVE, you need to take out an enemy and get the reward for it. In the PVP one, you have to take out in game players in specific areas. These players are not online players and they won’t appear until you have signed up for the quest.

The Treasure Hunts can be done without having to accept the quest. The treasures are found in blue chests in the world and you can collect them to reap their rewards. These quests can get you Credits, Recipes, Rare Materials, and Memory Chips so do them whenever you have the time.

How To Fight
When it comes to our Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Beginners Guide, it is best to stick to automatic weapons. With them, you can afford to not be as accurate as you would need to be with weapons such as the Sniper Rifle.

They also allow run and gun so that you can dodge enemy attacks. It is also good to have the assist mode on so do not use your sights all the time. The aim assist will allow you to track enemies, which are moving at a quick pace.

Also, remember to stay in cover as much as you can so that you cannot be damaged. Lastly, learn to use the Dash option to quickly dodge enemy attacks, as it can be the difference between life and death during the fight.

Campaign Tips
Make sure you always check on bounties and side-quests before you explore a new area so that you can do many of them in the time that you are exploring. Always remember to repeat some of them if you are in dire need of some extra cash!

If you plan to move to a specific area and do not want to deal with the hassle of travel, then you can fast travel to any location that you have visited before using your map from the main menu. Keep on investing your money using the method that we mentioned above and keep on upgrading your Status Effects to be better than your enemies during the campaign.

That is all we have for our Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Beginners Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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