Nintendo Switch’s 4310mAh Battery Takes 3 Hours To Fully Recharge

The news about full cycle recharge of Nintendo Switch battery came officially from Nintendo saying that Nintendo Switch’s 4310mAh battery will take 3 hours to fully recharge. The complete recharge can be done while on the dock over USB type-C.

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Moreover, the 6.2-inch console features a non-removable 4310mAh rechargeable 3.7V Lithium-ion battery. Plus, the life duration of full charge battery will deplete based of usage of certain software. For example: it takes 3 hours to fully deplete the battery if Legend of the Zelda Breath of the Wild is running and if a media application runs than the battery may run a longer life than 3 hours.

Furthermore, Nintendo affirmed that Switch’s 4310mAh battery can last upto 6.5 hours in Mobile mode. However, you can extend the life further if the device is put into sleep mode so as to carry it further on-the-go.

Moreover, it is interesting to note that Switch can be recharged with two methods, one: connecting USB type-C and two: direct AC wall socket connection. The first method may take longer to recharge the Nintendo Switch, as it gives DC power output transferring 5 Volt DC across a 2.6 Ampere current which equals 39W. Comparatively, the second method of hooking switch directly with AC wall socket may charge it relatively faster which will provide 100W-240W of converted AC power.

Additionally, the 3 hour Switch’s 4310mAh battery recharge time indicates it does not support Quick Charging feature. That means it could support USB-PD 2.0 also known as USB power delivery 2.0.

It is a new type of spec that focuses mainly to recharge batteries via USB 3.1 or USB Type-C. This can be reason why Nintendo Switch battery recharge takes 3 hours to charge which is potentially equal to AC charging system.

Regardless of the charging time, players can now get a picture of battery duration Nintendo Switch will have.

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