Switch User Interface Includes A Dark Theme, User-Switching

A new screenshot of the Nintendo Switch user interface includes at least one dark-colored theme, and user account-switching, which could mean that players will now be able to keep track of their individual achievements in games and purchases made on their own accounts, along with being able to switch themes.

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Previously, Nintendo consoles did not have the ability to switch between individual user accounts, even though other consoles like the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One have been able to do that for years now. With the Switch user interface showing an ability to do this, it means that working with the Nintendo online component of its consoles is now going to become much easier to work with.

The different theme that’s on the Nintendo Switch tablet screen is also something new; normally Nintendo consoles have white themes, with no other option to change. However, the ability to have a dark theme also signals another new thing that Nintendo is trying for its consoles, mainly changing the themes. And, with a darker theme, gamers that want to use their Switch late at night won’t have to worry about hurting their eyes with the bright light when they turn it on or go back to the main menu.

This screenshot of the Switch user interface actually came from Nicalis, the developers of the Binding of Isaac roguelike series. Originally, the tweet was to show that some of Nicalis’s other games, such as 1001 Spikes and Cave Story, would be on the Nintendo Switch when it released (in yet another reference to how many third-party games are going to be coming to the console when it launches in March). However, the screenshot also gave us a slight example of what to expect from the UI when the console comes out.

The Nintendo Switch comes out on March 3.