Switch Overshadowed Xbox One in Spain

Everyone is talking about this “Sorpasso” that Switch has done in Spain over Xbox. We all have heard that Nintendo made a record last year of approx. 10 million units sold worldwide.

Now, Nintendo Switch has surpassed Xbox in Spain. With the demand for Hybrid Console at its peak, Nintendo Switch has surpassed the milestone of selling more units in 10 months as compared to what Microsoft did in past 4 years.

On the 2017 Christmas Eve, this “Sorpasso” happened; as most of the people had predicted it that this could happen. It seems Microsoft was betting a bit too much on the Xbox One X.

Xbox One X sold nearly 300,000 units and Nintendo Switch surpassed that with ease. No official figures were provided by Nintendo but they do confirm that “Nintendo Switch is the fastest-selling Nintendo home system in Spain, surpassing Wii numbers,”. As this happened in Spain, there is still a fight in France going on between these two Giants.

Xbox One is loved in the United Kingdom and the United States is the most frequent users of it. But Spain, Italy, France are not a popular marker for Microsoft as they mostly favor Nintendo. On another note, Nintendo Switch was the most sold console in the United States in December 2017 which its exceptional global demand.

With that being said, developers are taking more and more interest in Nintendo Switch, according to the GDC State of the Industry 2018. The result is compiled from more than 4000 games developers in the GDC State of the Industry 2018. Last year 3% of the developers were working on Nintendo Switch and that number has now reached up to 12% and this is a huge leap as Switch is a Hybrid Console.

What’s more interesting is that for every 1 out of 3 developers choose to start their project for Switch. PC was the first having 59%, then comes PlayStation 4 with 39% and at the third was the Nintendo Switch with 36% leaving VR and Xbox behind.

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Thanks, Gamereactor

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