EA Disappoints Switch Players Again After Falsely Advertising SBC For FIFA 19

Nintendo Switch players are massively disappointed after EA pulled a U-turn by first advertising a special Squad Building Challenge (SBC) for FIFA 19 on the Switch and then saying it wasn’t intended for the Switch.

Switch players got excited when an advertisement showed up for a special Squad Building Challenge (SBC) coming to FIFA 19. The Squad Building Challenge (SBC) picks players on random and rewards them with the highly sought after Team of the Season Card. SBC is already available in the FIFA 19 for PS4 and Xbox but was supposed to be added to Nintendo’s Switch as per the advertisement.

The challenge advertisement started showing up in FIFA 19’s Switch port and remained there for several days but then suddenly vanished without giving any rewards. This left many FIFA 19 Switch players in confusion and outrage.

On Tuesday, EA finally gave an answer to a question asked on the EA Answers website and said:

“Sorry for the delay, wanted to get confirmation before I posted.

This SBC was not intended to be available for the Switch, as such the advertising panel for the SBC has since been removed accordingly.


Of course, this lead to even more outrage in the FIFA 19 fan community. Many Switch players expressed their disappointment by leaving negative reviews on the Switch product page for FIFA 19. Switch players believe that they have the same rights as PS4, PC, and Xbox One players do when it comes playing a game that was advertised as the “First full FIFA on a portable device”.

This isn’t the first time this has happened either. Back in December of last year, FIFA 19 players on Switch saw a FUTMAS promotion message for Ultimate Team appear on their consoles.

This FUTMAS promotion for Ultimate Team was originally announced by EA but they didn’t mention it was coming to Nintendo Switch or not. EA then followed up by suddenly announcing that the message wasn’t intended to show up on Switch at all.

Even though EA will be focusing on FIFA 20 in their upcoming EA Play for E3 2019, it is likely we will get to see some updates for FIFA 19 in the months following E3 2019. Let’s wait and see what happens.