Here’s What Nintendo’s Latest Patent “Switch Do” Could Be

Ever since the start of 2019, we have been consistently seeing new leaks and rumors regarding a handful of Nintendo things, especially Nintendo Switch variants. After the recent reveal of the Nintendo Switch Lite, we now have a new patent by Nintendo called the “Switch Do”.

The official patent document was first spotted by a well-known Israeli tech site LetsGoDigital, who then reported on it. It then pretty much spread like wildfire, driving fans crazy, wondering what it could be.

The trademark was filed by Nintendo Co Ltd with the ILPO (The Israel Patent Office) on July 8, 2019. After that, the patent was approved and published for the public on 16 July.

Right off the bat, there are a couple of interesting things we can gather from this rather vague patent. First of all, is the patent’s description. According to the patent, the Nintendo Switch Do refers to “games, portable games with LCD screen, handheld games, entertainment services, (downloadable) electronic game programs.” This strangely sounds similar to the Switch.

Although not immediately clear at first, it is highly likely the patent is referring to a service or feature for the Nintendo Switch console. Something Nintendo plans to launch after some time. It is likely a service or a feature for the Nintendo Switch Pro—a rumored version of the base switch with more powerful spec and hardware. Nintendo Switch Pro is expected to launch after Holiday 2019 within 2020-2021.

On the other hand, the patent being filed with the ILPO (The Israel Patent Office) also points towards the Switch Do being something different. Nintendo opened a new physical store in Tel Aviv, Israel last month. This makes it the second one after the first one launched in New York City 14 years ago.

Clearly, this new physical store in Tel Aviv, Israel is a huge step ahead for the company. This is why it is very likely that the “Switch Do” has to do something with the new store. Perhaps even a Nintendo Switch experience zone that may be opening in Israel.

As of right now, Nintendo hasn’t announced anything official regarding this “Switch Do” nor the Switch Pro. Which is why it is best to take all of this with at least a grain of salt. It seems the best thing for all Nintendo fans to do right now is to sit tight, wait, and look forward to Switch Lite’s launch this Holiday 2019.