is a Haox, Fallout 4 Fans Trolled Big Time

Talk about trolling a single person, talk about trolling a group of them but all that is nothing compared to what the folks behind website have done to the gaming community. Nearly the whole Fallout community got trolled, and they got trolled big time! is a hoax.

When the site initially surfaced it has aroused a lot of speculation, some of the news reporters even went to the limits of taking each and every hint given by the website to be leading towards Fallout 4. Up until only a couple of days ago, most of the Fallout community was sure the website was legit.

This changed slightly earlier this week when the countdown timer of the website was rolled back so that the clock keeps ticking. Yet, the final showdown came today when the website’s morse codes and all the malarkey was replaced by a sad violin track that plays as if times have gone bad.

The page now reads: “That’s all folks”

Bethesda who has been ever so quiet about the problem, knowing all along that someone was playing with their fans, finally decided to chime in with their own kind of a mockery.

So there goes, as far as Fallout 4 is concerned, all we can do now is wait and see what Bethesda makes of it.

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