Surviving Mars Sponsors and Commander Perks Guide

Our Surviving Mars Sponsors Guide is for folks who would want to read up on the various perks that come with each Sponsor and Commander in Surviving Mars. The tips below will highlight the Sponsors and Commanders you can choose from at the start of each mission and how they might affect your overall playthrough.

Surviving Mars Sponsors

At the start of each mission, you will require a sponsor and a commanding which will lead your team through that mission. Each come with their own pros and cons.

Different cases call for different combinations of sponsors and commanders and we are here to help you determine just that. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the perks you’ll receive and the requirements that you will need to acquire the different teams of sponsors and commanders.


The sponsors in the game will be dependent on your experience and game-style since each comes with their own difficulty level. The time you’ve spent obtaining resources is also a variable since each of these sponsors will have their own downsides as well. The sponsors and the perks under them, as they appear in the order in the menu, are given below!

The International Mars Mission
The International Mars Mission is the ideal sponsor for newcomers since it’s difficulty level is labelled as ‘Very Easy’. This is because the requirements are not very harsh and easy to manage. For a start, 4 rockets are available at your disposal through this sponsor. A funding of $30,000 M will be allocated as the total budget for your research and colonization purposes.

Number of starting applicants is 200 and research per Sol is 300. Food supply is increased by 10 times and colonists don’t get earth-sick. Rockets synthesize fuels on their own and carry a capacity of 70,000 kg. Rare metals price is $25 M.

This sponsor is a step-up in terms of difficulty which is labelled as ‘Easy’. You start off with 3 rockets and number of starting applicants is a 100. Funding is a lot less than International Mars Mission. It’s only $8,000 M but periodically additional funding also takes place. Research per Sol is 300 and rare metals price is $25 M. Rocket capacity is 70,000 kg.

Blue Sun Corporation
Difficulty level is ‘Easy’ and investment is $10,000 M. Research per sol is 100 and you start off with 2 rockets. A 100 applicants start for you but you can buy additional staff with funding. Additional rocket purchases are also cheap. Probes and extractors can help you obtain deep and rare metal deposits with rare metals price being at $30 M. This sponsor is more suited for players looking for long-term benefits.

Labelled ‘Very Easy’ and with 3 rockets to start off with, this sponsor will help you generate colonists twice as fast. Passenger rockets can carry 10 additional colonists. Starting applicants are 100 in number and initial funding is $8,000 M. Research per Sol is 100. Rare Metals price is $25 M.

Being on a higher difficulty than the previous ones which is ‘Normal, you start off with 3 rockets. Funding is $7,000 M and research per Sol is 100. Starting applicants are 150 and rare metals price is labelled being $24 M. Benefits include buildings costs being reduced by 20% and medium dome is unlocked for you. This comes quite handy since it can incorporate more colonists.

On Normal difficulty, you just get 1 rocket for a start. Research per Sol is staggeringly high being at 400. Starting applicants is 100 and rare metals price is $22 M. Funding is $6,000 M and you are able to acquire 5 extra starting technologies. Moreover, every time a tech is researched, you gain funding and double that amount if the research tech turns out to be a breakthrough.

Being of Normal difficulty, you get $6,000 M as the budget. 5 rockets are available initially and research per sol is 200. Rare metals price is $20 M and starting applicants are 75. Advantages include 50% cheaper advanced resources and drone hubs starting with additional drones.

Church of the New Ark
This one is labelled ‘Hard’ and recommended for experienced players. Funding is $4,000 M and rare metals price is $20 M. Starting applicants is 120. All colonists will have a religious trait and birthrate is doubled.

Drawbacks of this sponsor include Hydroponic Farms performance being reduced by 50 and no research per Sol. If you like a challenge and outsourcing for your research, then go with this. Otherwise, it’s not really recommended.

Also labelled ‘Hard’, the sponsor gets you 2 starting rockets and a funding of $5,000 M. Research per sol is a generous 200 and number of starting applicants is a 100.

Rare metals price is at $22 M but rockets take more time to travel a given distance. Extractor’s performance is improved by installing fuel tanks inside these extractors, a perk this sponsor allows you to have. Upgrading these fueled extractors is also free. Lastly, fuel Refinery Prefab costs 50% less

Paradox Interactive
Labelled ‘Hard’ and starting number of rockets is only 1, you are able to discover more breakthrough anomalies. Funding is $4,000 M and research per sol is a 100. 75 applicants start for you and more applicants are achieved by researching breakthrough techs. Rare metals price is $24 M. Only drawback is that rockets require more fuel to launch.


Choosing commanders wisely also play an important role in how your journey fares. Each come with their own benefits and drawbacks. Each one is created in such a way that they may suit various play-styles. Below is a list of commanders and the bonuses they can bring to your side.

Going with this commander will gradually optimize Drones so they can work and construct faster till reaching a Sol level of 100. Bonus tech include Autonomous Hubs which means that Drone hubs will no longer require power or maintenance.

Fuel production is increased by 25%. Bonus tech is Arcology which unlocks a residential spire. This spire can house up to 32 Colonists but consumes 20 Power and has a 4 Polymer maintenance cost.

Hydro Engineer
You start with a location for water deposit revealed. Domes consume 25% less water. Water Reclamation spire is set up which recycles up to 70% of the water a Dome consumes, with a 3 Machine Part maintenance.

Minimum comfort required for birth is reduced by 15 and lifespan of colonists is also increased via the ‘Stem Reconstruction’ bonus tech.

Colonists recover 5 sanity while resting in their home. Bonus tech is the ‘Behavioral Shaping ‘ which unlocks a Sanatorium spire which treats colonists’ flaws. The Sanatorium consumes 20 Power and requires 2 Polymers for maintenance.

All funding gains are increased by 20. Bonus tech is the ‘Martian Patents’, a repeatable tech that grants funding.

Breakthrough techs are researched 30% faster and the ‘Autonomous Sensors’ means that the Sensor towers no longer require power or maintenance.

Service comfort of decorations is increased by 10. The ‘Hanging Gardens’ bonus tech unlocks a spire which improves residences in the dome. An addition of 40 points is made to the Comfort attribute of every residence in the Dome. However, note that this requires 2 Water to run.

You start with the location of a rare metal deposit revealed. Extractor production is increased by 10. Bonus tech is the ‘Deep Scanning’ skill which allows the scanning of sectors for deep deposits.

Rocket Scientist
A bonus rocket is added to your initial number of rockets provided by the sponsor. The ‘CO2 Jet Propulsion’ tech unlocks shuttle hub and long-range transportation.

This is all we have in our Surviving Mars Sponsors and Commanders Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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