Surviving Mars Drones Guide – Using Drones, How To Control (Tips And Tricks)

Drones can be quite useful when used properly in Survival Mars. However, one of the biggest complaints that people have when playing the game is that they are unable to figure out how to effectively manage their drones. It is not that easy to assign them each a controller individually and people quickly tend to get fed up with them. Luckily, this Surviving Mars Drones Guide exists.

This Surviving Mars Drones Guide is your go to tool for when you want to figure out how to manage your drones effectively and make them perform at their maximum potential. Not only will we tell you how to manage your drones, but we will also give you numerous tips and tricks to help you get the most out of them.

Surviving Mars Drones

The first thing that you immediately notice is that each controller has a specific area of influence. This means that it can only operate a drone in a certain area. If you want to task a drone to do something which falls outside of its controller’s area of influence such as retrieve a certain resource, and then you will not be able to do that.

One of the controllers is the Rover. The Rover is quite useful since it can move from place to place. When you command a Rover to move somewhere, it will recall all of its drones to itself and deploy them again once it is at the new area. This will allow the drones to utilize that new area and use it to harvest resources, build stuff and do much more.

How to Use Drones Effectively

As you know, your drones will not only be used to build stuff but will also be used to farm resources. Since you will have multiple drones in the control of multiple controllers working far away from each other, it is important to be efficient at moving about resources.

Remember that you can place your resources that you have farmed in your home base and then use a transporter to transport them to wherever it is that you would like to build something. It is very easy to build the foundation of something such as a solar panel but if you do not have the adequate resources lying about, and then you will need to transport them to the location of the building.

You can set up transport routes using your transport rover. Simply click the ‘Create Transport Route’ and then select the route along with which resource you want to carry.

This will help you immensely in the game towards the later stages when you have factories built up for mining and farming resources, as you will be able to have your resources delivered to their appropriate places automatically.

One last thing to mention before we end this guide is the fact that you can easily control your drones rather than click each of them individually and assign them to a specific controller. The drone hubs are pinned to your hotbar automatically, and the number beneath the hubs represents how many drones they are controller.

You can click the second button found inside of the info panel of the hubs to dismantle the drones and then select a different hub to assign the drones to. This will allow you to quickly reassign the drones without having to be frustrated with the tedious default process.

That is all we have for our Surviving Mars Drones Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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