Survival Horror Game Daylight Shows Unreal Engine 4 Gameplay

Hold on to your pants, because a new trailer for survival horror game Daylight has emerged. Then again, the clip mostly shows walking around in a first-person view, but with all that obscurity, who knows what lurks beyond.

In Daylight, players find themselves in a place called Mid Island Hospital, which is partially an abandoned building. Gameplay, however, shows more than just that. For instance, the scene seems to go underground, revealing cave areas with roots protruding through the terrain.

Only a phone can be used as a source of light and doubles up as a navigation system. Therefore, everything surrounding the view is immersed in darkness, which is amplified by an already bleak and colorless design set by the decaying environment.

Other gameplay elements briefly shown include some paranormal activity and scary apparitions. On the side of the screen, there’s a threat level present, to make you aware of the danger you’re currently experiencing.

Daylight adapts to the current trend of randomized gameplay, from survival games like Amnesia and Slender, by procedurally generating its locations. All clues, items and so forth will always be in different areas, making every playthrough unique.

Moreover, developer Zombie Studios employs its prior expertise with the Unreal Engine 3, used in Blacklight: Retribution, to switch the horror game’s production to Unreal Engine 4 tools. That’s going to be quite a bit shinier than some of its peers.

Much like Zombie Studios’ prior venture, Daylight will release on both PC and Playstation 4 in early 2014.

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