Survey: Coop is More Popular than Competitive Gameplay

According to a recent survey conducted by Quantic Foundry, Coop games and game modes are more popular than competitive gameplay. 1,200 game players participated in the survey before a final result was published.


In the survey, we asked gamers to rate their enjoyment of different forms of social gameplay. For the analysis below, we coded these responses numerically, with “Not At All” as 1 up through “A Great Deal” as 5.

The coop gameplay enjoyed by majority of the players. Furthermore, local coop is more popular than online coop, the stats show. This is highly valuable data for game developers as it gives them a decent idea of what the community wants.

Among friends, coop is more popular than competitive games. Friends prefer playing together rather than againts each other. Meanwhile, coop appeal drops when playing with strangers.

We’re going to start simple and then drill down. First, let’s take a look at the game modes with friends. Co-op play, whether in the same room or online, was rated as more enjoyable than competitive play

Moreover, the data showed that coop is quality popular in both genders. Competitive gaming is more popular in men. But is to be noted that even though women enjoy coop more, those who do participate in competitive gaming experience hostile environments.

..gender effect is magnified when women play with people they do not know. For many gamers, this will not be surprising. It’s not a secret that some online gaming communities, especially competitive ones, can be hostile towards female gamers, even (or especially) when they are highly competent players

This is a complex issue and it is to be noted that women tend to avoid communities that have a hostile reputation. Anyhow, do let us know what you think of the survey in the comments below.

Source: Quantic Foundry

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