Supposed Dark Souls Remaster Coming To Nintendo Switch Rumor Debunked

What would you say about a Dark Souls Remaster? Would any title be fitter for a remastered edition than one of the most hardcore games there are? Bandai Namco may announce a Dark Souls Remaster in 2018 but its highly unlikely. We are all only crossing fingers but now that the rumors are debunked we are losing hope.

Some days ago, Nintendo Switch Network author Marcus Sellars posted on Twitter about a supposed Dark Souls Remaster announcement on Bandai Namco’s show on December 15th.

In the post, he also “hashtaged” Playstation 4 and Xbox One along with a surprise, Nintendo Switch! If this was true it could be the best news to end the year. The post reads:

“Bandai Namco will be hosting an event on December the 15th. 5 unannounced games will be shown off during the event. Nintendo will have a big presence at the event.”

“One of the games being announced will be a Dark Souls One Remaster”

As expected, Bandai Namco didn’t announce anything related to Dark Souls and instead showed announcements for Code Vein, One Piece World Seeker, Soul Calibur 6 and My Hero Academia: One’s Justice. So long and goodbye Dark Souls announcement.

Now Twitter is on fire. Fans are currently demanding a Dark Souls Remaster or at least a Dark Souls collection on Nintendo Switch and right now they are disappointed that From Software hasn’t given them one on Nintendo’s console.

According to Polygon, Sellars has been in contact with them and insisted that this is not a rumor and that the Dark Souls Remaster will be announced in “winter 2018 latest”. This information comes from Sellar’s supposed anonymous sources and while we don’t know if he is fabricating the whole thing, this rumor doesn’t seem so unlikely to be true.

 Do you think that this is all just a spread rumor? Would you like to see a Dark Souls remaster or a Dark Souls Collection on Nintendo Switch?

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