Super Smash Bros Ultimate Young Link Guide – Moves List, Final Smash, Recovery

This Super Smash Bros Ultimate Young Link Guide makes up a part of our series of detailed character guides for SSBU. In our SSBU Young Link Guide, we talk about what changes have been brought on board for Young Link including his moves, combos, playing as Young Link, and countering him.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Young Link

Overall, Young Link’s a balanced fighter that has good-ranged pokes with his sword and zoning tools with his projectiles. His aerial attacks, among the bunch, have low start-up frames and high active frames.

Moreover, his defense is pretty decent as well thanks to his shield. The wooden shield is capable of nullifying the effects of all projectiles, as long as he is facing towards them.

There are certain differences in move-sets that set Young Link apart from his older self.

Young Link is generally a more nimble and lighter combatant than Adult Link, so the former will cover a greater horizontal and vertical distance when he is on the receiving end of an opponent’s attack.

Young Link has the Hookshot ability that he can utilize to grab air and grounded foes while Adult Link can only perform the typical grabs.

Lastly, projectiles work differently for both the versions as Young Link has an automatically exploding bomb while Adult Link has to manually detonate it. The older self can also pick up his arrows and then fire again unlike the younger version.


Normal Attacks
The first and second Neutral Attack deal 2 and 1.5 damage respectively. Neutral Attack #3 is capable of inflicting 0.3 damage per strike in a series of sword slashes with the last hit (2.5 damage) launching the opponent away to reset to neutral.

After the first two hits of this Neutral Attack, you can cancel into the Hookshot Grab by first holding the down directional key to cancel into a jab animation, then inputting the commands for the grab to initiate it.

Alternatively, you can follow up the Jab Attack with an Up Tilt that is a legit 50/50 situation for your foe.

His Dash Attack (11 damage) is an overhead attack and like every other character’s one, is unsafe on block. Moreover, it does not present any follow-up attack possibilities but will knock opponents away for KO if they are near the edge of the stage.

For defensive measures, Young Link can perform any of the three invincible attacks to fend off the pressure and get out of tight spots. His Ledge Attack deals 9 damage while the wake-up face-up and face-down attacks both inflict 7 damage.

Tilt Attacks
The Side Tilt (12 damage) has good range, is quick to come out and will knock back enemies by a decent amount. Moreover, thanks to the way the sword swings in a semi-circular arch, the Side Tilt can also act as a fast anti-air.

Up Tilt is also a good anti-air with 8 damage and the potential for following up with other attacks after the opponent’s launched into the air.

The most common follow-ups are aerial attacks like Forward Air and Neutral Air. It covers a decent horizontal range.

Finally, the Down Tilt (8 damage) is a low angled strike that will launch enemies. Being safe on block, you will only get a juggle out of it when your damage value lies at 35%.

Follow it up with attacks like short hop Forward Air, up air or even another Down Tilt.

Smash Attacks
The Side Smash comprises of two hits (6+12 damage) with the second one being optional.

The second hit is capable of knocking the enemy away by launching them but since it is punishable on block, you will want to input it only after the first hit connects to remain safe.

Being able to punish ledge attacks and acting as a frame-trap, the Side Tilt is a versatile tool for Young Link.

The up smash is slow to come out and comprises of three hits (3+3+8 damage) with the final strike launching the enemy directly upwards.

Only use this when you are sure it would connect since it is punishable on block and leaves you wide open on whiff for the opponent to capitalize.

The Down Smash (13 damage) is an excellent tool to fend off the pressure or to catch dash-ins or rolling attempts. The hitbox first lies at the front of Young Link and then at his rear so it covers both directions in quick succession.

Young Link’s grab attack deals a minimum damage of 1 point while all his other grabs i.e. Forward, Back, Up, and Down deal 6 damage. All his grabs are performed with Link’s Hookshot ability that sees him extending his grappling hook.

The forward and back throws serve conventional purposes of knocking the enemy out of the stage when they are on either edge of it.

Both the up and down throws will launch enemies for a potential follow up as long as the damage value does not exceed 70%.

While airborne, you can perform up to three Hookshot grapples so you can essentially grab onto a ledge on the stage to avoid being KO’d out.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Air Attack
Thanks to activating frames, the move persists in the air for quite long. The extended kick also has a good range. With 10 damage, it is a decent enough move and works best to distance yourself and the opponent in the air.

Forward Air Attack
This is a two-hit combo (6+8 damage) that will knock opponents out of the air. If only the first hit connects, then you can cancel into an Up Tilt or neutral air attack by first canceling out of fast fall.

Alternatively, you can also perform the Hookshot while in the air to mix things up.

Back Air Attack
This is again a two-hit combo (5+7 damage) that is best to poke enemies near the edge of the stage and push them back enough to get them knocked out.

Just like with the Forward Air Attack, the Back Air will put foes in a state ripe for follow up attacks but if only the first hit connects.

Up Air Attack
This has a great deal of damage (15) and active frames associated with it. Launching enemies vertically upwards, you can follow up with aerial attacks.

Moreover, since it stays there for long, you can use it as a poking tool for enemies on a platform above you or as an anti-air for descending foes.

Down Air Attack
With an incredible damage of 18 points and good persistence, you can apply a decent amount of pressing on enemies as you land towards them. On hit, you will bounce off the enemy for another chance at assault from the air.

On certain percentages, the down air attack will turn into a meteor smash that will knock enemies away by a great distance.

Special Attacks

Neutral Special
The Fire Arrow is a charge-based special attack that deals a maximum of 12 damage when fully charged. Even on the least charge, you will perform 4 damage but the range is not good enough on this compared to when it is fully charged.

Since you can change the direction of the arrow as you are just about to fire it, this can work well against dashing opponents or ones that are chasing after you. Simply flick the analog stick in the direction you want Young Link to fire the arrow in.

Being a Fire Arrow, it can also interact with explosives including Adult Link’s Remote Bombs to cause explosions and create obstacles in the path of the enemy.

Side Special
The Boomerang attack has two variations where holding down the direction in conjunction with input for it will reduce its range and damage (11) compared to flicking the direction while inputting the attack (13.2 damage).

The direction of the projectile is controlled by the direction in which you steer the analog in. The Boomerang is a homing projectile and is slow enough to be a menacing threat on the screen.

Furthermore, since it bounces off the enemies it will return back hitting enemies in its path who will not do much to attack you while they have the Boomerang on their tails.

Up Special
The Spin Attack can be performed in mid-air (10+3 damage) or from the ground (3+6+3) each with its own functions. The grounded version is a multi-hit strike that will launch the foe on the last hit for follow up aerial attacks.

Performing the Spin Attack while airborne grants you an extra boost in your jump so you can safely get back to the stage.

Down Special
This special sees Young Link rolling out a Bomb that deals up to 8 points of damage depending on how close the enemy is in the radius of the explosion. The detonation is triggered in various ways.

For one, if it goes on without any obstacles in its path, and is just rolled out in neutral, then it takes 4 seconds to explode. Otherwise, throwing it while airborne will trigger the explosion as soon as it hits the ground.

Link’s Fire Arrows as discussed above and other fire attacks like Ryu’s EX Hadoken or Ken’s fire Shoryuken will also trigger the explosion, so be wary as the foe can use this against you.

Final Smash

The Triforce Slash is a multiple hit combo if the first main strike connects. The attack initiates as Young Link dashes in to attack the enemy and it ends with the last strike that will launch the enemy away at a great angle.

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