Super Smash Bros Ultimate Yoshi Guide – Moves List, Tilts, Neutrals, Aerial, How to Play

Our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Yoshi Guide makes up a part of our series of detailed character guides for SSBU. In our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Yoshi Guide, we talk about what changes have been brought on board for Yoshi including his moves, combos, playing as Yoshi, and countering him.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Yoshi

Yoshi is generally a heavyweight dinosaur type character that boasts good airspeed (A rank) and his short size and crawling stance allows him to duck under mid and high projectiles.

Moreover, his double jump puts him quite high and almost unreachable for most characters on the roster list since it also carries super armor.

However, the invulnerability effects of the double jump decrease as Yoshi’s damage value increases with a value of 110% causing him to almost losing the strength of his super armor.

Contrary to other characters, Yoshi’s egg shield will not decrease in size as it receives more damage. It will grow darker and then break down, but will not shrink.

He has decent juggle potential to most of his launchers so you can perform extended combos for good damage. Lastly, his throws and grabs also hold a good range.

Let us take a look at his moves including Standard Attacks, Grabs, Specials, and the Final Smash below:

Ground Attacks

Normal Attacks
His first Neutral Attack deals 3 damage while the second one carrying out 4. The latter will also knock the enemy away. The two moves in conjunction serve as a two-hit combo that has a good knockback effect.

His Dash Attack carries a damage of 11 and will launch enemies diagonally upwards for follow-up attacks.

When playing a bit more defensively, the Ledge attack (9 damage) and the wake-up attack (7 damage) are good options since both are invincible.

Tilt Attacks
Yoshi’s Up Tilt (7 damage) will launch enemies in an up-forward angle where if it hits on 30% on most of the characters, you can follow up with a neutral hop attack. Moreover, the Up Tilt also had a good hit-box and is quick to come out.

The Down Tilt (5 damage) will cause hard knockdowns at a high percentage and is especially useful against Dash Attacks of the foe.

Even his Side Tilt (8 damage) will launch opponents for follow up attacks, or at max range, for follow-up mix-ups like grabs or Dash Attacks etc.

Smash Attacks
Yoshi’s Side Smash (15.5 damage) will allow him to either launch the enemy upwards or cause damage with its downwards variation that sees him duck mid and high attacks.

Moreover, during the Side Smash, Yoshi’s head region is invincible to any attacks. The Up Smash (14 damage) and Down Smash (12 damage) are both unsafe and can be punished when blocked.

However, if these connect, they allow Yoshi to get rid of the foe’s pressure by knocking them away.

All Yoshi’s grabs are initiated with his tongue. The front and back throws, both with 9 damage, are slow to come out and act typically for positional importance.

Though his up throw (5 damage) will not have enough juggle for follow up attacks, the down throw (4 damage) can be transitioned into the double jump for combos. Finally, his grab attack will dead 1.3 damage.

Air Attacks

Neutral Air Attack
The neutral air attack (10 damage) has good active frames and a fast start-up. It can be canceled into fast fall so you can follow up with a kick attack.

Do note that this technique will be vulnerable to on-reaction dash-in shield grabs, but there is a slim chance of that happening. At 30% damage value, you can link the neutral air attack into a side or Down Tilt.

Forward Air Attack
This attack has a high damage lying at 15, though it is slow to come out and is punishable by shield grabs.

If the tip Yoshi’s head connects with the foe during the move, it will result in a meteor smash. Otherwise, it is still viable to knock enemies offstage.

Back Air Attack
This is a three-hit combo with the first two hits dealing 3.5 damage each and the last one dealing 5.5 damage. Moreover, the last strike will launch enemies for follow-up attacks. The move is super safe, being able to be punished by shield grabs only.

You can also dish out 35% damage with the sequence: back air attack into dash into Up Tilt into jump air attack while enemies are at 30% damage value.

Up Air Attack
For 12 damage, up air attack is a good air-to-air move-juggling enemy for potential combos. For example, following up by an Up Tilt and then yet another follow-up attack is a possibility. Up Air Attack is quick to come out and has a large hitbox.

Down Air Attack
This is a dive-kick type 13-hit combo that will deal devastating damage, about 70%, to the foe if all hits connect. The first 6 strikes lie at 2.3 damage, while the subsequent 6 ones deal 1.9 damage.

Finally, the last hit will deal 2.8 damage. With its damage potential, it is safe to assume that the attack is quite punishable on block or whiff.

Special Attacks

Neutral Special
The Egg Lay attack serves as a grab with Yoshi’s tongue enclosing the enemy in an eggshell. While they are in such a state, you can follow up with any attack and you will be invincible. The grab itself deals 7 damage.

It should be noted, however, that enemies could come out of the shell quicker by moving the analog stick left and right quickly. If they do so, they will be invincible for a brief amount of time in any attack they carry out on you.

Side Special
The Egg Roll will deal 10-15 damage depending on how many hits you land on the foe. It is best to shrug the opponent off by knocking them away into an airborne state. Yoshi can also jump once during this side special attack.

Up Special
For a damage of 6 points, the egg throw is a projectile for which you can control its angle and trajectory with the analog stick before you initiate it.

If the egg whiffs and doesn’t hit anyone, then it will come back from the air to drop down, so the egg throw essentially poses a double threat. The attack can also be initiated while airborne to increase the time Yoshi can spend in the air.

Down Special
The Yoshi Bomb special attack can be initiated from both the ground and while in the air. The former will send enemies flying away for a distance where you can follow up with combos.

The damage you are able to inflict with ground-based Yoshi Bomb is either 4 or 15 depending on how far you are from the enemy.

The airborne variation of this special attack has even a larger hit-box and pushback effect while dealing a massive damage of 12. The air-borne version will also break through breakable platforms by pressing the down directional key on the pad.

Final Smash

The Stampede Final Smash attack will mark the appearance of multiple Yoshi(s) who will rush through the screen knocking out up to 3 opponents on the screen.

The drawback is that you can also be one of those individuals who are knocked off the stage if you are not so careful.

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