Super Smash Bros Ultimate Wario Guide – How to Play, Moves List, Counters

While we may never get our hands on Waluigi, we can still take his accomplice Wario for a spin. The main antagonist of the Mario franchise is no pushover; in fact, he belongs to “A tier” region on the tier list. Super Smash Bros Ultimate Wario is a weird character; as such, he has weird moves to match his persona. Nevertheless, because of his unique moves, he is very fun to play with.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Wario

His agility is decent and the only buff he received to his mobility is the increment in dash speed. Overall, he has an average walk and dash speed while his airspeed is exceptional. He weighs quite heavy but that does not affect his fall speed though that makes him more susceptible to combos.

Wario’s up tilt has been balanced; it is now much faster and has decreased endlag. The damage and knockback of the up tilt have been diminished. This does significantly affect its kill potential but, on the other hand, the lack of knockback makes for a good combo potential. Additionally, it no longer has any invincibility frames on his head or arms.

The forward/up smashes have received a damage buff and now has a wider range, making them his main launchers. Aside from these, he can also potentially launch from his dash attack which also received a damage buff.

Moreover, a new dash move has been introduced to his arsenal called the “Shoulder Tackle”. Some of the old fans must be familiar with this move since it was featured as Wario’s Forward Smash in Brawl.

The most exciting part of Wario is his Special Moves. One of the most unique ability he possesses is to summon a bike out of nowhere. This is a bizarre move but definitely the most fun to use. While on the bike, Wario obviously has increased mobility and pressure – he can jump higher when leaping off the bike which helps his recoveries.

While on the bike, he can move freely in 2 dimensions while performing a wheelie and can even run over his foes and if that does not work. He can always physically throw his bike at them to make they stay down.

If you got rid of your bike, do not worry, you can get it back once the cooldown has finished though, in SSBU, the cooldown has been increased. Most, do not be carried away, good things do not last long; your bike can take damage and be destroyed.

Not only is Wario weird, but he is also disgusting – no wonder Mario hates him. A good example of his foul deed is his other special called Wario Waft. During Wario Waft, Wario will try to kill you with his fart; a silent but surely a deadly weapon. His Waft can be held to make it even deadlier so keep on guard when you are facing this maniac.

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