Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirits Guide – How to Unlock, Legendary Spirits, Abilities

In our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirits Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about unlocking Spirits, Legendary Spirits, and abilities.

There are over 500 Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that add a lot of complexity to the already-complex Super Smash series. Let us discuss all of them below in our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirits Guide.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirits

Spirits are support characters in the world of Super Smash Bros. that will come to your aide once you try to summon them. There are two types of Support characters: Primary and Support.

A Primary Spirit’s statistics and abilities will directly influence your abilities and stats. Moreover, these Primary Spirits will have support slots in which you can equip further spirits.

Support Spirits do not come into play generally, but they directly collide with your foe’s support slots. Therefore, what you want is a Primary with as many Support slots as possible and having a different support setup for each situation.

Primary Spirits: Abilities

The Primary Spirits have the ability to directly influence your gameplay. You can only equip one Primary Character at a time and each of the Primary Spirit will give you a special ability: Attack, Shield, or Grab.

This is Rock, Paper, Scissor mechanism that was also observed in the recent Soul Calibur VI.

  • Shield beats Attack
  • Attack beats Grab
  • Grab beats Shield

Each Primary Spirit can also level up, increasing its stats. The more you battle while having a specific spirit equipped, the more it will level up. Therefore, do not worry if your favorite spirit is a tad weak. It will get stronger.

How to Unlock

Spirits are ranked into four tiers, according to their usability and rarity:

  • Primid: Easy to unlock/find, low support spirit slots
  • Bonkers: Difficult to find/unlock, relatively high amount of spirit slots
  • Balloon Fighter: Not very difficult to unlock/find, better support spirit slots
  • Big Boss: Most difficult to find/unlock, highest spirit slots, amazing buffs, also called “Legendary Spirits”

There are three ways to unlock spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Challenge Board, World of Light, and crafting them from scratch. Let us discuss them in a little detail below:

Challenge Board

The Challenge Board is “complete a challenge to win!” kind of thing. You are given a specific environment, and you will have to complete the given tasks under these restrictions. You will be rewarded with a Spirit for beating a challenge.

You can view what spirit you will unlock before starting the challenge. Each challenge will be entirely time-limited, so if you fail to complete the whole challenge in the time, you will have to wait until that specific challenge comes again.

World of Light

In the World of Light, you will enter specific “dungeons” that will restrict your gameplay style to a specific weapon or to a specific time period.

You will need to complete the whole dungeon through this requirement and then defeat the Spirit to unlock them for use in the game. There are quite a lot of Spirits: 500! So be sure to go into the World of Light repeatedly to get the spirits.

Spirit Cores

Spirit Cores are the main currency for obtaining and setting free Spirits. Whenever you set free a Spirit, you will receive a Spirit Core. Collect enough of them and you will be able to redeem them for a new Spirit.

Therefore, if you get duplicate Spirits somehow, you can also recycle them into Spirit Cores.

Legendary Spirits

The strongest spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are the Legendary Spirits. They are extremely difficult to find and have the ability to provide you with amazing buffs.

Legendary Spirits usually unlock through the same methods as the simpler Spirits, but they are much tougher to find.

However, of course, in World of Light, the chance of encountering a Legendary Spirit increases exponentially when you enter a high-level zone. So continuing to wander through the vast World of Light is really worth it.

Some rare Challenge Boards may appear too, containing four-star Spirits. These spirits are the Legendary Spirits. There are quite a lot of Legendary Spirits in the game and we will list the ones that we actually do know that exist.

Do note that the list is incomplete and will be updated once the game is released.

Name Type Element Abilities Support Slots
Dr. Willy Support +2
Liquid Snake Primary Grab
Pyra Support Attack
Black Shadow Primary Shield +2
Dry Bowser
Super Sonic Primary Grab
Wind Fish Support Balanced +1
Alucard Primary Shield +3
Akira Primary Attack +3
Trevor Belmont Primary Shield +3
Shine Sprite Support Increase damage output of all special attacks +1
Dragoon Support Increase damage output against large enemies +1
Great Fox Support Increase damage output against metal enemies +1
Sheriff Support
Hinawa Support Taking too much damage will make it/you invincible +2
M. Bison Primary Grab
Big Boss Primary Grab +2
Dark Emperor Primary Shield
Proto Man Primary Shield
Samurai Goroh Primary Attack
Rock Mario Support Balanced Increase physical attacks damage output +1
Viridi Support +1
Madama Bufferfly Support Balanced +3
Victini Support Balanced Increase Hyper Smash attacks damage output +1

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