Super Smash Bros Ultimate Samus Guide

Samus is among the characters making a return to the series. She was last a part of the Smash Bros. series in SSB4. Since then, she has undergone many changes and our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Samus Guide will take you through all of them along with helping new players understand how to best use Samus.

In our SSBU Samus Guide, we talk about what changes have been brought on board for Samus including her moves, combos, playing as Samus, and countering her.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Samus

Samus is a bounty hunter who has been a part of the game since its first edition. Many characters have gone through major changes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but not Samus.

Although she is by no means the same character that she was previously, the changes made to her are much more reserved and she generally plays the same way as she used to.

In this SSBU Guide, we will be going through all of the special moves that she has as well as her Final Smash. We will also take a look at all of the changes that have taken place when it comes to Samus.

Samus Changes

Most of the other characters have gone through many changes when it comes to their movesets as well as their animation.

However, Samus is one of the few that were deemed perfect by the developers as she was, meaning that she was not tampered much during the development.

As far as her animations go, there is a new one for Air Dodge, Throw Up, and her Final Smash. The main change that you will see is that your bombs will now explode when they come into contact with other characters.

This gives you a brand new opportunity to use the bombs in a better way and has more impact.

Samus is also now a bit faster. Not only does she have more speed when she is in the air, but she is able to perform her dashes faster as well.

When she jumps, she gets to her maximum height much more quickly. Lastly, her roll has also increased in speed.

She now has Super Missiles than are faster and more powerful than before and they are able to hover now. There are now vents for the Zero Laser smash attack as it is so powerful now. The exhausts at the back are able to damage the enemies present on her back.

Special Moves and Final Smash

The most basic special move that you can perform is the Charge Shot. You can do it by simply pressing the B button. Your side special is the missile that is performed by moving the left stick horizontally and then pressing B.

You also have the Screw Attack as your Up Special and the Bomb as your Down Special.

The Up Special can be performed by holding the left stick up when pressing the B button while the Down Special has you holding the left stick in the reverse direction when you press the B button.

Your final smash is known as Zero Laser and is performed by pressing B whenever your FS meter is full. When you do that, jets of flame come out of your suit as you fire at the enemy, dealing tons of damage.

Alternate Costumes

There are no special Alternate Costumes available for Samus upon launch. The only ones that you can get are based on the basic color of the character and are a variation of that.

We might get to see some more if Nintendo pleases, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

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