Super Smash Bros Ultimate Richter Guide – How to Play, Moves List, Counters

Richter is Simon’s Echo Fighter, which does mean that the two of them are almost similar. However, that does not mean that you should not use Richter, as he may very well be one of the strongest characters in the game. Our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Richter Guide will take you through everything important related to Richter including his move sets and costumes.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Richter

Richter hails from the Castlevania series and is one of the best fighters in the game. Not only is he fairly fast when falling, but he is also able to come to blows with all of the other heavy fighters in terms of speed as well. This means that not only does Richter pack a punch, but can move fairly fast as well.

We will take a look at how you can unlock Richter. After that, we will visit all of the moves that Richter can do and end on the aesthetics that are available when playing as Richter.

How to Unlock Richter

You can unlock Richter through a total of 3 ways. The first one is to play the World of Light mode, the second one is to play the Classic mode, and the last one is to play the Challenger Approaches mode.

If you do not get the appropriate fight in Challenger Approaches mode, simply play the round and restart the game. Once you are in the menu, start a game with a custom ruleset and a time limit of 1 minute. Play that game and you will have a new fight waiting for you when you return to the main menu.

Move Sets

Your standard smash that is performed by the B button is called the Axe. As the name suggests, you throw an axe that can pass through obstacles and the direction of the throw can be modified. The Cross is your side smash and can be performed by dragging the left stick to either side and then pressing B. This move throws the cross as a boomerang.

Your Up Smash is the Uppercut that can land multiple times if it hits the enemies as soon as you leave the ground. Your Down Smash is called the Holy Water that immediately sets ablaze the place where it falls at in a pillar of fire.

Your Final Smash is called the Grand Cross and can be called upon by pressing B when your FS meter is full. You can trap your enemy in a coffin and attack them for some time. It is best to use this move when many enemies are together since you can use your Final Smash on all of them.

Alternate Costumes

There are no special costumes for Richter. You can get the standard 8 different colors for your character that range from blue to red to grey. Pretty standard stuff as far as we can tell.

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