Super Smash Bros Ultimate Palutena Guide – How to Play, Moves List, Counters

Palutena was a very low tier character in Smash 4; she lacked many of the good fundamental moves. In SSBU, however, she has been buffed significantly so it is apparent that she might have climbed higher in the tier list. Therefore, Super Smash Bros Ultimate Palutena mains, Rejoice!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Palutena

However, do not get too excited because she still is more of the same. On the ground, she still is not very good. Her main tools on the ground are a jab, dash, and grab. The initial hit of her jab has fewer frames so you cannot grab after the initial jab – the only option is to finish her string.

Therefore, her ‘jab and grab’ strategy went out the window. Although that would not really affect her very much, it was a very exciting setup.

Her Smashes and Tilts also got buffs, especially the Tilts that are now faster, but honestly, they are still bad. Therefore, ideally, you do not want to throw out her Smash or Tilts. Moving on to her other viable grounded choice, the dash attack.

Her dash attack is an insanely good move; it matches her back air in prestige. It does a ton of damage, can kill, and now is now much faster.

However, arguably the best move to use on the ground as Palutena is her throws. She has very powerful throws, unlike many characters, Palutena can still combo off her throws. Good throw combo would be Down Throw into Up Air into a juggle for a potential combo.

Moreover, her up smash is still just as good and can be paired with a throw. Additionally, her back throw is also very good; it now has a much steeper angle and can kill.

Palutena is actually an aerial-based fighter since her grounded moves have limited capabilities, and in SSBU, she has received some buffs to her aerial speed to make her excel in that category. With the augmented aerial speed, she can now combo better.

In the air, everything except down air is good and can kill. Her back air is still as monstrous as you remember it to be, neutral air is insanely fast, and her forward air is okay, but can sometimes start combos. Mainly her neutral air and up air got better in Ultimate, they were made better by reducing the ending lag.

Since her neutral air is a multi-hit move, she can drag the opponent to the ground and go for a follow-up. Usually, an up tilt would be a good choice, but a jab or a throw can also work. She can pull people down to her with her up air which is now much better than the last game since it had quite a bit of lag which has now been patched.

Other than that, her specials are the same with the addition of her new side special called Explosive Flame. A more noticeable change was done to her down special which is now a much more feasible choice.

Her down special comes out much faster in 6 frames rather than the previously sluggish 12 frames. During down special, she activates a shield that reflects enemy projectiles and can also block physical attacks though it can be punished if whiffed. It is a pretty solid counter choice added to her defensive arsenal.

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