Super Smash Bros Ultimate Pac Man Guide – How to Play, Moves List, Counters

Pac Man has been a low tier character in Smash 4, most of his moves have received some kind of buffs, but despite that, it is not certain where he will end up on the tier list, this time around. Pac Man has always been a defensive character, but alterations to his moves have made him opt to more of an aggressive playstyle in Smash Ultimate, this will certainly affect Pac Man for better or worst.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Pac Man

Like most characters, Pac Man has received increased mobility as well as, a faster dash, which will definitely complement his dash attack. His dash attack is a very good pushing tool; it has the same functions as it did in Smash 4; however, it now has 4 hits instead of 3.

Other than that, there are no significant changes to his ground moves, all of his Tilts and Smashes are pretty much the same, with the exception of Up and Down Tilts. Down Tilt has been made totally safe due to animation changes, while Up Tilt is now a completely different move.

Up tilt works like a Shoryuken, it has a significant vertical reach and can hit opponents in midair to stop their progress, but cannot be combo’ed off of.

To get through enemy defenses, he does come with amazing grab options, which are buffed to make them even better. All of his throws have significantly less end lag, the pummel during the grab is faster and the annoying dead zones on Pac Man’s grabs have been removed. Furthermore, Forward and Back throws have more knockback and up throw can be transitioned into a combo.

His aerial game has also been improved and the universal landing lag reduction also helped a bit. His airspeed is greater and his air moves are better. Neutral air can now be easily transitioned into combos, because of the lower knockback, Forward air has stronger knockback and can cause tumble at earlier percentages.

Down air deals considerably more damage and can connect more reliably, also the knockback on his Back air has also been increased.

Pac Man comes packed with some unique accessories, such as a Fire Hydrant and a trampoline. He makes use of these during his special attacks.

He releases a Fire Hydrant from “somewhere” and throws it on the ground, from there he can jump on it to activate it, when activated, it projects water on both sides of the map, which can now be parried by Pac Man, so now he cannot mistakenly blow himself off while maneuvering around the Hydrant. At the same time, enemies can also parry the water, making it easier to deal with.

He can also pull out a trampoline; he has used this in the previous iterations of the game, where he can use it to jump on it, to use it as an evasive option or to attack an enemy midair. Now it works the same way but has a counter. Enemies can destroy trampoline by attacking it once, it turns green and can make either of the characters in the arena fall through it when interacting with it while it is green.

However, these are not the only items he has brought; he also carries some fruits with him, perhaps for his breaktime meal. However, that is not the only purpose they serve, these can be used to create offense. The Bonus Fruit special, where he can throw a fruit in the arena, that can be used to his advantage, has seen some changes. There are a variety of fruits to choose from, each one has its own perk.

The special can be charged to change the fruit in hand, but now in Ultimate it charges much faster. However, the faster cycle is just to compensate for the lack of vertical boost it now has in the air. Additionally, like in preceding games, he can cancel the fruit charge into an idle state; however can no long cancel into a special attack.

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