Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ness Guide – How to Play, Moves List, Counters

Ness is a very solid character, he does come equipped with everything a good player needs, but he may not be strong enough to carry you to an easy victory. While some may take that as a hard drawback but there is a silver lining to it. Winning with Ness obviously requires a good set of skills and dedication, as such; achieving a victory with Ness is a lot more rewarding than with most of the characters.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ness

His Grounded game has been improved, now Ness hits harder and more reliably, especially his Tilts and Smashes. Tilts are a very important part of his kit, they are essential tools for creating space and dealing damage, with the added buffs, these can more effectively come into play.

However, keep in mind, the buffs to his tilts are very subtle, and will not have a major impact on his gameplay, sure, some extra damage and less lag might help, but it will not suddenly transform him into an overwhelming monster.

The details about the upgrade are as follows. His Forward and Down Tilt deal more damage. While the Forward tilt has to ability to trip the opponent, the Down tilt no longer does the same. Up tilt has not received any damage increment but has a more reliable hitbox and better range. Additionally, it is much faster and has less endlag.

Ness always had decent juggles, combined with his Up Smash, which has received a more reliable hitbox; he can swiftly catch opponents in midair, and convert into a juggle.

Up smash has also received severe knockback, so it can be used as an excellent kill option. A good strategy would be to implement this move against opponents with bad recoveries, as Up Smash still is a very fast move.

Ness has always been a very slow character, his sluggish movement was pretty annoying, but thankfully, he has been blessed with some exciting buffs to his mobility. He can dash move faster in the air, dash faster, even jump higher and like other characters, now has a faster jumpsquat. Furthermore, he also now has a new directional airdodge mechanic added to his already impressive arsenal.

It is apparent that Ness now excels in aerial combat, aside from his mobility buffs in the air, his Forward air has also received some buffs, and if you are a former main of Ness, you will know how important Forward air is.

Forward air can be used in a variety of situations, but most importantly it is used to get his combos started and since now Forward air does more damage per hit, no doubt his combo game has shifted its gear. More importantly, all of his aerial attacks are extremely safe on the shield.

With the previously discussed details, as a Ness main you now have tools to create space and to get in, as well as control airspace. Ideally, you will have to pressure the opponent, until he has no choice but to shield often, here, arguably his best move comes into play.

Unlike most characters, Ness excels in throw game; his throws deal a hell lot of damage and can be transitioned into a juggle for a juicy combo. With his new capabilities, condition opponent into shielding, where you can grab him, for extensive damage.

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