Super Smash Bros Ultimate Lucas Guide – How to Play, Moves List, Counters

All of the characters that were ever a part of the Super Smash Bros. series are making a return to the game. Among these characters is Lucas, who has undergone a few changes and will take some time to get used to. Our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Lucas Guide will tell you all of the changes that he has gone through and how you can start using Lucas in the new game.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Lucas

Lucas may not be the strongest character in the game, but he definitely has quite a few moves which make him a worthy surprise pick who could end up destroying your opponent. It is of the Medium weight class and has average speeds all across the board.

We will be taking a look at how you can unlock Lucas, all of the moves that he can perform and how effective they are when used in battle, as well as any alternate costumes that are available for you to use when you pick Lucas.

How to Unlock Lucas

Lucas is unlocked in the same way as all of the other characters in the game are unlocked. You can unlock Lucas either by playing through the World of Light mode, the Classic Mode or through the Challenger Approaches fights.

If you want a new Challenger Approaches fight, you can finish your previous one and restart the game. Once you have restarted the game, simply start a game with a custom ruleset and have a time limit of 1 minute. Play through this game and there will be a new fight waiting for you once you return to the main menu.

Lucas Move Set

Pressing the B button has Lucas perform the PK Freeze. This move launches a projectile that will freeze the enemy if it manages to connect. Not only that, but you are also able to move the projectile’s pathway. You can also perform your side smash by holding the left stick to either side, pressing B. Lucas’ side smash is PK Fire, and it can launch enemies in the air among a pillar of fire.

Your down smash is the PSI Magnet that can absorb projectiles and explosions to heal you. You can do it by pressing down on your Left Stick and then pressing B. Doing the reverse will perform the Up smash that is the PK Thunder. This will fire a projectile that can be controlled and airbornes anything it hits. You can also aim it at yourself.

Your Final Smash is known as the PK Starstorm. You can perform it by pressing the B button when your FS meter is full. The smash brings down a shower of meteors that will damage all enemies that are hit. There will be more meteors as time passes by.

Alternate Costumes
Lucas has some very fun alternate costumes that can be used. Not only are you able to change the color of his shirt, but also the logo on his shirts.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change the color of the snake, but you can get yourself a green shirt with a heart on it if you want! There is also a very pale version of Lucas which you can get in which he almost resembles a ghost.

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