Super Smash Bros Ultimate Lucario Guide – How to Play, Moves List, Counters

Lucario is another one of the numerous returning characters that have made their way to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This Pokemon has been a part of the previous games but the new version is different from the older ones. For this reason, our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Lucario Guide will take you through everything there is to know about the new Lucario.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Lucario

Lucario is originally from the Pokemon universe and is a fairly decent pick in the new game. There are a few characters that you can pick which are better than Lucario but Lucario is still able to hold its own in almost all of the battles. Lucario has medium weight and average running speed but is quite fast whenever in the air or when dashing.

Let us go ahead and take a look at how you can unlock Lucario in the new Smash Bros game. After that, we will take a look at all of the move sets followed by the alternate costumes that you can adorn if you sue Lucario.

How to Unlock

Lucario is unlocked in the same way as all of the other characters in the game. You can unlock Lucario either by playing through the Classic Mode, by going through the World of Light mode, or by taking on the Challenger Approaches Fights.

In case you do not get the Challenger Approaches fight that you want, simply restart the game and head on to the custom ruleset match. Here, make sure the time limit is set to 1 and play the full match. Once you return to the main menu, there will be a new Challenger Approaches fight waiting for you. You can repeat this process until you are able to unlock Lucario.

Lucario Move Set

The first move that you have is the Aura Sphere that you can perform by pressing the B button. This move damages foes even when it is being powered up. When you charge it and release it, an energy ball flows towards the enemy. The side smash that you have is the Force Palm that released concentrated energy through a powerful punch. If the enemy is close enough, then he or she is grabbed.

The up smash, which can be performed by holding the left stick up and pressing B, is known as Extreme Speed and has you dashing through the air before dealing damage at the end. You are allowed to change direction mid-dash that is what makes this move so powerful.

The Down smash is performed by pressing B while the left stick is aiming downward, and is known as Double Team. This smash counterattacks the next enemy attack with a kick.

Your Final Smash can be performed by pressing B when the FS meter is full. It is known as the Aura Storm and it has Lucario evolving into Mega Lucario. As Mega Lucario, the Pokemon jumps and fires the aura straight down onto the ground. You are allowed to change the direction of the aura by using the directional buttons.

Alternate Costumes

There do not seem to be any special costumes available for Lucario. There are different costumes that change the color scheme of both Lucario as well as the outfit that is worn. There are a total of 8 different alternate costumes and the colors include 2 shades of blue, pink, purple, green, and grey.

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