Super Smash Bros Ultimate Little Mac Guide – How to Play, Moves List, Counters

Little Mac is back in Ultimate. He last appeared in Super Smash Bros 4, and was an abysmal fighter. Is he any better? Can you actually do something with Little Mac? What is the best way to play Little Mac? All of these questions will be answered in our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Little Mac Guide.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Little Mac

As older players of the series will know, Little Mac was a part of the Super Smash Bros. 4. However, he was not good by any sense of the imagination. There have been a lot of changes to the new version of Little Mac, but not too much avail. As far as we can tell, Little Mac is still not a good fighter, and it is better to avoid him.

However, there are ways through which little Mac can be somewhat useful. He does have amazing speed both in the air and on the ground, so if you manage to utilize that, you will be able to do something with him. It is best to use him as a counter-pick rather than a primary fighter. Let us go ahead and take a look at some of the ways that you can be effective with him.


Apart from the animations that have gone an overhaul, Little Mac’s Final Smash is slightly different than it was previously. Apart from that, Little Mac has also gone through a lot of buffs including the length of his grab, which is longer.

Little Mac is now also able to dash faster than he used to, jump higher than it was possible in SSB4, and perform a Rising Uppercut which deals more damage than it did previously. All of these changes definitely help Little Mac become a little more viable in the game, but there is still a long way to go if he is to have any meaningful impact in the game.

How to Unlock

As with all the characters, you can unlock Little Mac through 3 different ways. The first one is to go through the classic mode. The second one is to take on the World of Light mode. The final one is to attempt and win certain Challenger Approaches fights.

In case you do not get the right kind of Challenger Approaches fight, you can complete the fight and restart the game. After that, you need to start a custom ruleset match with a time limit of 1 minute and complete the mission. Once you return to the main menu, you will be able to access a brand new fight. Repeat this process until you unlock Little Mac.

Move Sets

Your standard smash is the straight lunge in which you move forward and perform a powerful punch. The first time you press B will begin the charge and the second time will perform the punch. The side smash of Little Mac is known as Jolt Haymaker and is used to do the same thing, but you are also able to dodge all of the low attacks coming your way.

Your Up smash is performed by holding the Left Stick up and pressing B. You will be able to punch upward and hit an opponent many times to deal a lot of damage. The Down Smash does the uppercut, but as a counter when you are attacked by an enemy.

Your Final Smash is known as Giga Mac Rush and is performed when you press B after your FS meter is full. During this move, you charge forward and perform a flurry of punches if you meet an opponent. In the end, you finish with an uppercut on the enemy and then transform back into your standard form.

Alternate Costumes

A few different Alternate Costumes are available for Little Mac. You can get the standard version in black, white, blue and yellow. Apart from that, you can get a pink hoodie version and 2 different matrix versions one of which has a hoodie.

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