Super Smash Bros Ultimate Isabelle Guide – How to Play, Moves List, Counters

Not only are all the old characters making a return to the series in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but also there are quite a few new characters for you to get your hands on, with Isabelle being one of them. Our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Isabelle Guide will take you through all of her move sets, alternate costumes, and what you need to do in order to be able to use her.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Isabelle

Isabelle is from the Animal Crossing Universe. She may not be the strongest character in the game, but she has a lot of uses and unless your opponent picks a viable character that can counter you, you have a fair chance of winning the fight.

Isabelle is fairly light but does not have good speed regardless of whether she is in the air or on the ground. Let us go ahead and take a look at all of her move sets and other relevant information such as how you can unlock her.

How to Unlock

As is the case with all of the other characters, you can unlock Isabelle through 3 different methods. First, you can try playing the World of Light mode. You can also have a crack at the Classic Mode. Lastly, there is the Challenger Approaches mode.

In case you are not getting the correct Challenger Approaches fight, simply restart the game after playing the previous challenge (it does not matter whether you win or lose) and play a custom ruleset match with the time limit set to 60 seconds. Once the fight is complete, return to the main menu and a new challenge will be waiting for you.

Move Sets

Your first move is known as the Pocket and can be performed by pressing the B button. It pockets an item or a projectile and then uses it when you press the button again, surprising the enemy.

You also have the side smash known as the Fishing Rod that holds down an opponent and then throws them forward. This smash can be performed by pressing the B button while the Left Stick is on either side.

Your Up smash is called the Balloon trip and has you moving around on balloons. This is a great way to get a good position, but the balloons can be popped.

Your down smash can be used to set up a mine in the stage that will deal damage when an enemy walks over it. Both these smashes can be performed by holding the Left Stick in the appropriate direction and then pressing B.

Your Final Smash is known as the Dream Town Hall and can be performed by pressing B when your FS meter is full. This move builds a town hall that traps opponents in and then explodes to deal damage to them. Make sure enemies are caught inside the building or they will be safe.

Alternate Costumes

There are a total of 8 different costumes available that change the outfit of Isabelle. You have 2 shades of green, grey, blue, purple, orange, pink, and red. There does not seem to be any major change to Isabelle herself in any of these Alternate Costumes.

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