Super Smash Bros Ultimate Inkling Guide – Moves List, How to Play, Outfits

In our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Inkling Guide, we talk about what changes have been brought on board for Inkling including her moves, combos, playing as Inkling, and countering her.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Inkling

Inkling is a new character in the Smash Bros franchise who makes her entry from the Splatoon series. However, it is not a single character that is entering the game but rather a character that is an amalgamation of many different characters.

This means that you will have a lot of fun costumes to play around with as well as different moves at your disposal.

Moves List and Combos

Inkling has a plethora of moves at her disposal. Her moves are mainly focusing on close-range attacks as well as a few medium-ranged attacks that make their way from the Splatoon series.

Those who are aware of the universe that she is coming from will be aware of some of her moves such as the Splat Bomb, Splat Roller, and Splattershot.

Final Smash

The Final Smash that Inkling uses has her planting a huge megaphone and using it to deal damage to enemies. The move’s name is Killer Wail and is based on a Splatoon weapon of the same name.

It will be interesting to see how this move fits into the general meta of the game and whether or not it will be overpowered.

Alternate Costumes

This is where Inkling becomes really fun. Since the character is based on many different characters from the Splatoon series rather than just one, there are many different costumes available to you. Some of them even change her gender.

Here is a complete list of the various different costumes that she has:

  • Orange Female Inkling
  • Blue Male Inkling
  • Yellow Female Inkling
  • Green Male Inkling
  • Pink Female Inkling
  • Cyan Male Inkling
  • Purple Female Inkling
  • Navy Male Inkling

Please note that our SSBU Inkling Character Guide remains a work-in-progress. We will continue to add more content in the coming days.

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