Super Smash Bros Ultimate Incineroar Guide – How to Play, Moves List, Counters

Incineroar is from the Pokemon universe and is one of the few new characters that are making their way to the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate amongst all of the older characters that are making a return. Our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Incineroar Guide will detail all that is important as far as Incineroar is concerned including his moveset, alternate costumes, and how you can begin using it.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Incineroar

Incineroar is not really a fast Pokemon. In fact, you should expect him to be very slow when he is trying to move fast. However, speed is pretty much the only thing that he seems to lack in, meaning that he could easily fight some of the strongest champions in the game and take the fight to the end.

Let us go ahead and take a look at how you can unlock Incineroar. After that, let us glace at his movesets and all the aesthetics that go along with the character.

How to Unlock

Unlocking Incineroar is done in the same way that all of the other characters are unlocked. You have a total of 3 options. The first one is to play the World of Might mode and unlock the character, the second one is to play the Classic Mode and unlock the character, while the last one is to go through the Challenger Approaches fights.

If you are not getting the Challenger Approaches fights you need, simply play through a fight and restart the game. Once you are back in the main menu, go to custom ruleset match and set the timer to 1 minute before playing through the match. Once you see the menu again, you will have a new challenge waiting for you.

Move List

You can perform your simple smash by pressing the B button. The move is called Darkest Lariat and has you twirl like a tornado and deal damage to enemies around you. The green missile move is called the Alolan Whip and has you bounce enemies off the ropes.

You also have access to the Up Smash and the Down Smash by pressing B while holding the Left Stick towards the upper or the lower side.

The Up Smash is known as Cross Chop and has you deal damage through an explosion after flying high in the air and coming down at an angle. The Down Smash is called Revenge and increases your attack power according to how much damage you have taken thus far.

The Final Smash that you have is called the Max Malicious Moonsault. It has Incineroar grabbing the opponent and attacking it in the air while burning before slamming them back onto the stage. The initial phase will deal damage to only 1 person, but the explosion will have an AOE effect.

Alternate Costumes

As expected, you have a total of 8 different costumes to choose from. The costumes are all quite basic and seem to add nothing else apart from a difference in colors. Hopefully, better costumes are on their way for Incineroar. As of right now, it has 4 shades of red, purple, blue, black, and green.

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