Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ice Climbers Guide – Moves List, How to Play, Outfits

Since most of the characters from the previous games have been included in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it is no surprise that Ice Climbers are a part of the game. However, they are not a trophy this time around and instead are an actual character that you can use in the game. In our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ice Climbers Guide, we talk about what changes have been brought on board for Ice Climbers including his moves, combos, playing as Ice Climbers, and countering them.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ice Climbers

Ice Climbers were once proper characters in the game, but they were only a trophy in the last Smash Bros game. This time, they are back as characters that have their own move sets.

However, there have been many changes made to the new version of the Ice Climbers that you will need to know if you are planning to use them.

Major Changes

There have been quite a few changes to the Ice Climbers. The number of animations that they have has increased, and the price has gone up.

The mechanic that many people were unhappy with (Chain Grabbing) is also a thing of the past. To account for it, you now have the hammer swing that is a new up aerial.

Also, your Ice Shot can now be directed back at you and will deal damage if it hits you. On top of that, Nana will not be able to do anything if Popo is caught in a grab.

However, all is not bad as your Squall Hammer now sends the enemy flying on its final hit. Your final smash has been nerfed (lasts for less time) and Nana cannot grab enemies. However, Popo can save Nana when she falls off stage.

Final Smash

Your final smash is called the Iceberg. It is still quite similar to how it was in the previous renditions of the game. However, it does not last as long as it used to.

One aesthetic change is the addition of a polar bear on top of the iceberg. You can also use an orange bird to circle around the stage once the Iceberg has been triggered.

Alternate Costumes

You have alternate costumes in the game as well. They usually change the color of your outfit. However, slight changes to the characters are also made with their costumes.

For example, using the Red/Purple, Light Blue/Light Blue, Blue/Red, Grey/Brown color combination, you will have Nana as the lead character. In the other variations, Popo will be the one leading.

Please note that our SSBU Ice Climbers Character Guide remains a work-in-progress. We will continue to add more content in the coming days.

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