Super Smash Bros Ultimate Greninja Guide – How to Play, Moves List, Counters

Greninja is back in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Along with his return, come a lot of changes in order to balance Greninja. Our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Greninja Guide will be taking you through all of the changes that Greninja went through by taking a look at his brand new move set as well as how you can access Greninja in the game.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Greninja

Greninja is a fairly fast and nimble fighter. He is quite good in the game and there are not many characters that can beat him in 1 on 1 matchups. Greninja is from the Pokemon universe and is fast both in the air and on land. He is also very light, making mobility one of his biggest plus points.

Let us go ahead and take a look at how you can unlock Greninja. After that, we will go through all of the move sets and end on all of the aesthetical options that you get with the alternate costumes.

How to Unlock

All of the characters in the game are unlocked in the same way. You can either try going through the Classic Game Mode, the World of Light Game Mode or the Challenger Approaches Fights. If you are going through the Challenger Approaches Fight method, there is a way to speed up the process.

In case you get a fight that you do not have any need for, simply end it as fast as possible and then restart the game. After that, start a custom match with a time limit of 1 minute. When you return to the main menu, you will have a brand new Challenger Approaches fight to wait for you.


Your smash is Water Shuriken. This move fires water straight ahead to deal damage. You can also perform the Shadow sneak if you hold the Left Stick to the side and press B. The Shadow sneak sends a shadow that warps to its location and strikes.

Your Up Smash is the Hydro Pump. This fires a very powerful jet of water that moves in the direction that you tilt the stick to. For your Down Smash, you have the Substitute which is used to evade an enemy attack by having a look-alike summoned up.

Your Final Smash is known as Secret Ninja Attack. This move can be performed once you have a full FS meter. This move sends enemies flying into the air before attacking them and sending them back down. You need to get up close using your speed before you are able to use this move effectively.

Alternate Costumes

You have a total of 8 different colors to choose from. There are 3 variations of the black color (with different mouths), blue, maroon, pink, grey, and green. There does not seem to be a lot of variation in them apart from the change of clothes.

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