Super Smash Bros Ultimate Full Roster Confirmed for Launch

As we close in on the game’s release this December 7th, Smash Ultimate has its full roster confirmed for launch. A recent trailer revealed our last two characters joining the base game fray.

Those being Ken from Street Fighter as a Ryu echo fighter and Incineroar as a full-fledged fighter on its own. A total of five DLC characters will also be made available sometime after launch. They can either be purchased individually as they come out for $6 each. Or as a $25 bundle. Pirhanna Plant is among them but is available as a pre-order bonus  if the game is purchased before January 31st.

The rest of the roster is pretty much as the game suggests, Ultimate. The Smash Ultimate Roster at its launch is confirmed to have every single character that’s been in a past Smash title. The originals from the first title being available as soon as you start, with the rest needing to be unlocked. If like Brawl, unlocking will require either playing through the story or completing a specified number of matches.

The immediately available roster will include titular characters like Mario, Fox, Pikachu, and Link. The first and last mentioned being in their latest depictions. Mario appearing in his Odyssey form while Link hails from Breath of the Wild.

Among returning, characters from past titles are also the others that joined the franchise on its journey. Such as Sonic, the blue hedgehog from Sega, and a mascot rival to Mario. Another favorite entry includes Solid Snake from Konami’s Metal Gear Solid series.

A recent entry to the Smash series, Megaman, who was in the title before Ultimate will also be joining December’s line-up. Fox, Falco and Wolf make their returns and an unexpected importance in the plot, Kirby also jumps into the fray. The villains get their spotlight too, with the re-appearance of Bowser and Ganondorf, the latter taking the form he had in Ocarina of time. Bowser just being himself, sorry Bowsette fans.

The newer entries exclusive to Ultimate that aren’t DLC characters include King K. Rool from the Donkey Kong series and a fan favorite, Ridley. The space dragon antagonist from the Metroid series. And well…the piranha plant. From Mario. Yeeeah we got that too (BUT STILL NO WALUIGI DAMMIT!).

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