Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fox Guide – How to Play, Moves List, Counters

Fox has been good in every single Smash game; Smash Ultimate is no exception. He kept everything good from the preceding games but lost a few of his tools. Nevertheless, he is still a very viable character to use.

Fox is a very aggressive character, he is a character with very small hitboxes because of the shorthands, and so needs to space very effectively in order to get something started. Luckily, his speed is insane. In order to become a master player at using Fox, it is crucial to realize that, the movement is the key.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fox

Fox has always had amazing mobility in the previous iterations of the game but now has been blessed with more speed. His speed on the ground and air has been significantly incremented, and so has his dash speed. With a faster dash, he can more effectively whiff punish and create pressure, while his faster dash attack can also be used to start a combo. Additionally, now the dash attack can be canceled, so you can cancel it into a Tilt for spacing.

Besides the Dash attack on the ground, his up tilt and Forward Smash got more knockback. Up tilt is a very good move and can be frequently thrown out, but the buff to its knockback may backlash since now its combo potential has been worsened. Although, it has now become a great move to kill.

The universal reduction to the landing lag has helped many characters, and Fox is one of those characters. Especially the landing lag reduction on his up and forward air, which has almost been halved. So now Fox is much more comfortable in the air and can get into opponent’s face much safely.

Unfortunate for Fox mains, his bread and butter, the Side Special, Fox illusion was significantly nerfed. When activated, Fox Illusion allowed Fox to come at or pass through the opponent at very high speed and cover a good chunk of distance.

It was a very safe move and the evasive properties of the move were very impressive, as such, it was abused quite often. The crazy thing was that it could also launch for a full juggle.

Now, it can be shielded, so its infamous evasive reputation goes out the window. This really hurts Fox, as now when shielded he is super vulnerable to punishes; he can even be grabbed for some intense damage. Although this may set him back quite a bit, he still is a very viable pick and is a very thrilling character to play as, because of the swift pacing of his games.

While Fox is a character that should be used at a very close range, he does come equipped with a move that can help him draw out the turtles. His other great special the Blaster can be very annoying for opponents to deal with and make them approach Fox instead. He can pick a corner and spam his blasters for a good while, and getting through his lasers is no easy task.

However, if they do manage to do so, then they can count themselves as being out of the frying pan and into the fire because Fox can crush them at a close range. Even his one launcher can shift the tides, especially because his combos do devastating damage around 50%.

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