Super Smash Bros Ultimate Duck Hunt Guide – How to Play, Moves List, Counters

Duck Hunt makes a return to the Smash Bros series. However, it is such a horrid experience to use Duck Hunt in the game that we would not recommend trying to play this character. In case you are masochistic enough to give it a go, our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Duck Hunt Guide will detail the move set, how you can unlock Duck Hunt, and all the aesthetic options you have.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt is by no means a good pick when it comes to Smash Bros. Not only is the character in the Light Weight class but also is abysmal in all other areas too such as the speed in both the air as well as land. If you still feel like having a crack at this character, then let’s go ahead and see how it is unlocked for use, what the moves are, and what changes can you make to it.

How to Unlock

There are a total of 3 different ways to unlock any character in the new game. The first one is to play through the Classic mode while the second one is to play the World of Light mode. The last mode, and perhaps the most used one, is the Challenger Approaches mode.

If you do not get the fight that you want in Challenger Approaches mode, simply play the fight, restart the game, and head to the custom game to start a game with a time limit of 1 minute. After you are done with that fight and return to the menu, you will be able to start a new fight.

Move List

Your standard smash is a Trick Shot. You kick an explosive can and shoot it to increase its power. The Side smash is called Clay Shooting and can be bought up by holding the left stick to either side and pressing B. Clay Shooting tosses a pigeon that breaks into smaller pieces when it is shot (each of these pieces deal damage).

Your Up Smash is called the Duck Jump and you are allowed to attack or dodge after a small amount of time. The Down Smash is known as Wild Gunman and calls a Gunman to fight (the gunman can be defeated).

Your Final Smash is called NES Zapper Posse that has a lot of ducks fly by you and hit enemies. Any enemies hit are lined up and fired at by the five gunmen waiting for the opportunity. NES Zapper Posse can be performed when you press B when your FS meter is full.

Alternative Costumes

There are a lot of fun combinations available that change the appearance of both the dog as well as the duck. There are 8 different dogs including a Dalmatian along with 8 different versions of the bird – only the color scheme is different, nothing else.

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