Super Smash Bros Ultimate Dr. Mario Guide – How to Unlock, Outfits, Moves List, How to Play

Besides the classic Mario, Mario also comes in a new skin with a completely different move set. Super Smash Bros Ultimate Dr. Mario is the persona of Mario; he has made a number of cameos in other Smash Bros. titles, so a long-time fan might recognize him.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario was a solid character in Smash 4. In Super Smash Bros Ultimate, he has received some significant buffs, so the damage output of most of his moves have been augmented.


Outfits of Dr. Mario is nothing to be excited about, they are essentially the same lab coat with different color schemes. Dr. Mario comes in Red, Light Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Purple, and Pink variations.

Moves List and Combos

Dr. Mario jumps lower and his movement speed in the air has been reduced, but now all of his aerial attacks deal more damage. His jab deals more damage and all tilt attack deal more damage.

He has received significant buffs to his dash. He dashes faster and his dash attack deals significantly more damage and travels further. His special moves include Megavitamin, Super Sheet, Super Jump Punch, and Dr. Tornado.

When he is backed into a corner, he can unleash his trump card, the Doctor Finale, although the only buff that the Doctor Finale received is Dr. Mario appears to be much angrier than in the previous games when unleashed.

Please note that our SSBU Dr. Mario Character Guide remains a work-in-progress. We will continue to add more content in the coming days.

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