New Super Smash Bros Ultimate Character Revealed: Steve From Minecraft

The new Super Smash Bros Ultimate character has been revealed to be Steve from Minecraft, an announcement that shocked the fanbase.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that a new fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate would be getting revealed in a brief three-minute stream. That stream happened today, and the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate character has been revealed to be Steve from Minecraft, a very odd choice that was so out-of-nowhere it broke Twitter.

While Steve isn’t an unreasonable choice, since Minecraft is available on the Nintendo Switch and Minecraft is enormously popular, most people wouldn’t peg Steve as a possible Smash option. The game’s cubed and limited-movement style ordinarily wouldn’t be seen in a fighting game.

Of course, by that logic, Mr. Game and Watch, who’s been part of the franchise since Super Smash Bros Melee, shouldn’t be in the game, since he has similarly limited movements and moves that are all references to his various games, along with an unconventional art style.

From what we saw in Steve’s trailer, his moves are similar, as he can put down blocks, dig up resources, craft weapons, set dynamite, and use pistons to knock players around as part of his moveset. That’s apparently one reason why he is the next Super Smash Bros Ultimate character.

Of course, many people were expecting a more conventional character, ranging from the by-now-memetic requests for Waluigi to Dante from the Devil May Cry series. The combination of both shock and disappointment from the reveal caused Twitter to temporarily break due to the traffic from peoples’ Twitter reactions.

Along with Steve, alternate forms will also be available, including Alex (the female counterpart to Steve), a Minecraft zombie, and an Enderman, all of which will have the same move set. There will be another presentation to show off Steve in detail, but until then, you can watch the reveal trailer to see what the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate character plays like for yourself.

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