Super Smash Bros Ultimate Challenges Guide

Super Smash Bros has various tasks for you to complete, one of these is the very rewarding challenges found in the game for different game-modes. In this Super Smash Bros Ultimate Challenges Guide, we’ll be discussing the requirement to complete each of these challenges, and how you can unlock exciting new items!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Challenges

Challenges are trials, meaning that you need to accomplish certain tasks in order to complete them. For your troubles, you will get Spirit Points, Mii Fighter Outfits, Rare Spirit Emblems, Music Tracks, and Gold.

Usually, they are uncovered using hammer smashes. Use your hammer and on the bottom right of the screen and then choose the challenge icon to reveal the challenge.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at all of the different forms of challenges found in Classic Mode, Spirit Board, Spirits and other game-modes.

Classic Mode Challenges

Challenge Description Reward
Donkey Kong Complete classic mode with 3.0 internsity or more. 2500 Gold
Greninja Score 98000 points or higher with Greninja in Bonus Mode. Lugia
Inkling Get 1,400,000 or higher score in the credits. Classic Ticket
King Dedede In team battle, play a total of 8 rounds. Snack (M)
Link Defeat Ganon the Demon King. Champion’s Outfit
Lucina KO Fire Emblem fighters a total of 20 times. Ike (Path of Radiance)
Maxim Tomato Complete the classic mode and get 5 recovery items. Pig
Mega Man Use Mega Man to complete the Classic Mode. Mega Man Retro Medley
Palutena Use  Palutena to complete the Classic Mode. Daybreak
Pichu KO 20 Pokemon. Battle! (Wild Pokémon): Pokémon Diamond / Pokémon Pearl
Pikachu KO 20 Giant Fighters. Sluggish Shield
Richter Beat Dracula. Black Night
Snake Don’t use any continues and clear intensity of 5.0 using Snake. Calling to the Night
Wendy KO 15 opponents in Horde Battle. 1500 Gold
Wii Fit Trainer Use a ticket thrice. Cappy Hat
Zelda Clear Intensity 9.9. Regal Crown
King K. Rool Reach the goal in Bonus Game before the 45 seconds mark. Klaptrap (Spirit)

Spirit Board

Challenge Description Reward
Ice Climbers Find a bounty 30 times. Max Spirit Board Targets Increased
Incineroar Defeat a Legend class 10 times. Classic Ticket
Isabelle Fight the Advanced class 10 times. Shuffle All Sticker
King Dedede Have 4 bounties ready to appear. Filler Sticker
Link Defeat a Legend class. Max Spirit Board Targets Increased
Little Mac Defeat an Ace class. Sluggish Shield
Mewtwo Defeat a Novice class 20 times. Snack (M)
Ness Defeat an Advanced class thrice and do not use spirit. Karin Spirit
Peach Use your battle items a total of 10 times. Weak Minions
Sonic Have 10 of your board items on the Spirit Board. All Supports Sticker
Special Flag Get a total of 3000 SP. Jelfonzo Spirit
Tiki Use spirit team against a spirit board enemy. Rematch Sticker
Toon Link Do not use Free the Spirit items and find 10 spirits. Zero (Metal Gear Solid 3) Spirit


Games Challenges

Challenges Description Reward
Captain Falcon Get 3 Cruel Smash Kos in Solo. 3000 GP
Ken Use Ken to clear Century Smash using only the special moves. Classic Ticket
Link Clear Century Smash solo within 5 minutes on the Great Plateau Tower. Champion’s Wig
Luigi Deal damage and taunt 3 times in All-Star Smash Solo using Luigi. Mario (Wedding)
Mega Man Use a meteor smash to KO an opponent in All-Star Smash. Snack (M)
Pit Clear Century Smash Solo in 4 minutes. Masked Lumen
Sandbag 20 continous hits in training mode. Lion
Villager Get 3 KO in All-Star Smash Solo. 1000 Spirit Points
Wolf Use Wolf to clear Century Smash Solo in 5 minutes. 2500 GP


Adventure Mode

Challenges Description Reward
Bayonetta Unlock your first Dojo. 800 SP
Bowser Jr. Free 30 spirits in Adventure Mode. Toy-Con Visor
Dharkon Defeat Dharkon. Dharkon Song
Dr. Mario Awaken a total of 25 fighters. Geo Stelar and Omega Xis Spirit
Drill Get all Adventure Skills. Classic Ticket
Duck Hunt Clear the final round without being KO’d. Mew Spirit
Fox Rescue 100 spirits. 5000 SP
Galeem Defeat Galeem. Galeem Song
Galeem and Dharkon Get the true ending. Galeem/Dharkon Song
Ganondorf As Ganondorf, defeat the first stage without a KO. Majora’s Mask
Hocotate Bomb Complete the mode. Masked Man Spirit
Inkling Start a New Game. 20,000 SP
Isabelle Awaken a total of 50 fighters. Elma Spirit
King K. Rool Clear Light Realm of all obstacles. Clip and Snip Spirit
Kirby Unlock the Gym. Minor Circuit
Lucina Win all the battles. Dragon Spirit
Mario Use your spirit abilities to remove an obstacle. 2000 GP
Olimar Open 20 chests. Putty Spirit
PAC-MAN Free 60 spirits. Toy-Con Outfit
Peach Unlock all the facilities. Classic Ticket
Pichu Awaken all the fighters. Manaphay Spirit
Rosalina and Luma Get your first adventure skill. Snack (M)
Roy Awaken your first fighter. Mappo Spirit
Wario Unlock your first store. 1200 SP
Yoshi Unlock Explore. 800 SP


Spirit Challenges

Challenges Description Reward
Bomberman Find 777 unique spirits. Dr. Wright Spirit
Chef Kawasaki Dismiss spirits and get 10 cores. Damage 50%
Inkling Find 10 unique spirits. Agitha Spirit
Isabelle Get a spirit and leave it at Explore 3 times. Snack (M)
Ivysaur Get a spirit and leave it at Dojo 3 times. 2000 GP
Mewtwo Use Summon to get a legend class. Snack (L)
Shulk Get a spirit and leave it at the Gym 3 times. 1500 SP
Villager Enhance a spirit a total of 5 times. 10,000 SP
Young Link Sell 5 different items 5 times. Snack (M)

Smash Challenges

Challenges Description Reward
Bayonetta Complete a Squad Strike. 800 GP
Bowser Defeat a Lv.3 CPU in a 2-player battle. No spirits, 300% handicap for you, and 0% handicap for the CPU. All Primaries Sticker
Captain Falcon Defeat a Lv.5 CPU in a 2-player battle. No spirits, no handicaps, 500 stamina. 1500 GP
Chain Chomp With pac-Man, get a Final Smash of 7650 score. Namco Arcade ’80s Retro Medley 1 Song
Cloud Hit an opponent with side special, Cross Slash while your limit gauge is charged. Cloud (Advent Children Spirit)
Daisy Defeat a Lv.5 CPU with a margin of 3 points in a 2-player battle. No spirits, no handicaps, and 3 minute time limit. 1500 GP
Dark Samus Have 5 special conditions in Custom Smash. Health Drain
Donkey Kong Get to 250% or more damage. Classic ticket
Donkey Kong Be set against 4 Level 9 CPU Opponents, and KO 3 of them with meteor smash. Do this within 3 minutes with spirits off and without any handicaps. Classic ticket
Dr. Mario Defeat a Lv.5 CPU in a 2-player battle. No spirits, no handicaps, and have 2 or more stocks remaining. 1200 GP
Ice Climbers Fight 8 humans. 3000 GP
Incineroar Use a single attack to deal 40% or greater damage. Mecha Suit
Inkling Use Splat roller to bury a Lvl.9 CPU 3 times. Inkling (Boy) Spirit
Isabelle Use fishing rod to damage an opponent 5 times. Isabelle Hat
King K. Rool Defeat a Lv.9 CPU in a 2-player battle. No spirits, no handicaps, and have 2 or more stocks remaining. 2000 GP
Little Mac Use KO Upper Cut in a Boxing Ring. Bear Hugger Spirit
Luigi KO 3 opponents in 10 seconds in Super Sudden Smash. Ninja Suit
Mr. Game and Watch Use Judge to KO an opponent. Flagman Spirit
Pichu Defeat a Lv.5 CPU in a 2-player battle. No spirits, 300% handicap for you, and 0% handicap for the CPU. Aryll Spirit
Ridley Use Skewer to critically hit an opponent 4 times in 1 battle. Meta Ridley Spirit
Robin Use flurry attack to KO a Lvl.9 CPU. Duty (Ablaze) Song
Ryu Defeat a Lv.9 CPU in a 2-player battle. No spirits, no handicaps, 500 stamina. 4000 GP
Sheik Defeat a Lv.3 CPU with a margin of 3 points in a 2-player battle. No spirits, no handicaps, and 3 minute time limit. 1000 SP
Simon Use your Final Smash. Yoko Belnades Spirit
Smash Ball Have a human player winning a 32 player tournament. 1000 SP
Squirtle Use an item to KO an opponent. Snack (M)
Villager KO 3 opponents in 1 minute. Goo-Goo Buggy
Yoshi Defeat a Lv.9 CPU with a margin of 3 points in a 2-player battle. No spirits, no handicaps, and 3 minute time limit. Shield Spacer

Other Challenges

Challenges Description Reward
Jigglypuff Unlock 750 music tracks. Final Destination Ver. 2
Lucas Get 7777 SP or higher. Snack (M)
Mario Get 5000 Gold or more. Yakuman Player
Mii Brawler Create 3 different Mii fighters. Business Suit
Ness Play the game for 20 hours. Prince’s Crown
Peach Buy an item from the vault during the Sunday Sale. Piantas
R.O.B. Create your first playlist. Vault
Rosalina and Luma Get 10 different Mii Headgear. Cat Hat
Snake Get 10 different Mii Outfits. Cat Suit
Wii Fit Trainer Unlock 10 fighters (not including Mii fighters). 1500 Gold

Online Mode

Challenges Description Reward
Falco Achieve a total of 100 KnockOuts. 3000 Gold
Corrin Finish 50 Quickplay battles. 600 Gold
Lucario Complete 100 Quickplay battles. 1200 Gold
Bowser Finish 200 Quickplay battles. 2400 Gold
Squirtle Defeat an opponent using a higher Global Smash Power than you for a total of 5 times in Quick Play. Slow FS Charging (Item) (x3)
Incineroar Defeat your opponent with a higher Global Smash Power than you 10 times in Quick Play. Shield Spacer (Item) (x3)
Ganondorf Use 10 different fighters in Quick Play. Disable Items (x5)
Spring Man Use 30 different fighters in Quick Play. Rematch (x3)
Samus Get 3 KOs in one Quick Play battle. Snack (M) (x5)
Mario Claim a total of 5 smash tags. 1000 Spirit Points
Ness Claim 10 smash tags 2000 Spirit Points
Squid Sisters Claim a total of 50 smash tags 3000 Spirit Points
Little Mac Participate in 10 arena battles Snack (M) x7

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