Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bowser Guide

In our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bowser Guide, we talk about what changes have been brought on board for Bowser including his moves, combos, playing as Bowser, and countering him.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bowser

Like the previous titles, SSBU will not just be adding the good guys; the huge roster of 76 characters would have some of the iconic villains to play with.

One such villain is Bowser, it is no surprise that they added Bowser since Mario is also part of the roster and Bowser has been added to keep him in check.

Since the last game, Bowser has been blessed with few damage buffs, so it is advised to give him a try.

Aesthetics Changes

As with all veterans returning from Smash 4, Bowser’s model features a more subdued color scheme. His colors overall are slightly darker and more monotone, while his scales, hair, horns, and spikes exhibit simple detailing.

Bowser has been made more expressive than previous installments with facial expressions reminiscent of his appearances in the Mario series.

Bowser has a new victory pose. He now breathes fire towards the screen before striking a pose that is similar to his Smash 4 artwork. It replaces his shell spinning victory pose.

Bowser’s roaring victory pose now shows him performing a headbutt with his horns before rearing his head back to roar. His body also faces more towards the screen during said animation.

Up and side taunts have been shortened, the latter updated to match his upright stance. Fire Breath has changed color slightly.


Unfortunately, as expected, a villain does not receive the same kind of treatment as the heroes. Therefore, Browser does not come with a variety of costumes – unlike Mario; Bowser could not be made to fit in a tuxedo.

Although damage buffs make up for the lack of costumes, Bowser has several costumes, but each of which is essentially a palette swap. His palette comes in orange, purple, yellow, green, red, and blue.

Moves List and Combos

Bowser’s airspeed is faster, but Bowser is heavier and falls faster. His neutral attacks do less damage and his down throw does more damage.

Like Mario, his special moves have been carried over from Smash 4. Bowser can use Fire Breath, Whirling Fortress, and Bowser Bomb.

He can also transform himself into Giga Bowser. Giga Bowser has changed and now appears as a giant and lands a punch on the screen. Screen KO possible.

Bowser’s ground attack has much less delay as compared to the previous games.

Tilts and smash attacks have Super Armor during their start-up now. Down smash is now a claw swipe that has more power and range than the previous down smash.

Aerial attacks also have very little lag as compared to before. Grab and throws have been buffed and grab is now much faster. The complete moveset of Bowser is mentioned below.

Ground Attacks


Neutral Attack: Performs a sumo-style palm strike, followed by a punch.

Forward Tilt: A swung backhanded punch, with his arm slightly bent.

Up Tilt: Does an arcing claw swipe.

Down Tilt: Does an alternating pair of hooks.

Dash Attack: A side kick, similar to Meta Knight’s dash attack.

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash: A dropkick.

Up Smash: Hops a bit to thrust his shell upwards, while spinning.

Down Smash: Does a grounded claw swipe, hitting opponents in front and behind him.

Other attacks

Floor Attack (Front): Swipes his claws behind himself and then in front of himself while stumbling to his feet.

Floor Attack (Back): Swipes his claws around himself while getting up.

Floor Attack (Trip): Swipes his claws around himself while getting up.

Ledge Attack: Bowser slowly climbs up from the ledge, then swipes at the ground in front of him.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral aerial: An aerial cartwheel.

Forward aerial: Swipes downwards with his claws.

Back aerial: A dropkick.

Up aerial: An upward headbutt.

Down aerial: A stall-then-fall attack that involves Bowser retreating into his shell while turning upside-down, then propelling himself towards the ground while spinning on a vertical axis.

Grabs and Throws

Pummel: Headbutts the opponent.

Forward Throw: Places the opponent in between his horns, rears his head back, and then powerfully sways his head forward to launch the opponent.

Back Throw: Throws the opponent backward in a sideways motion.

Up Throw: Throws the opponent slightly upward, withdraws into his shell, and then spins rapidly in order to repeatedly stab them with his shell’s spikes. He hops up on the final hit, launching the opponent upward.

Down Throw: Places the opponent on the ground and splashes them.

Special Attacks

Standard Special: Fire Breath

Side Special: Flying Slam

Up Special: Whirling Fortress

Down Special: Bowser Bomb

Final Smash: Giga Bowser Punch


Up Taunt: Sways his head backward while roaring and exhaling steam.

Side Taunt: Leans forward and chomps furiously.

Down Taunt: Teeters

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