Masahiro Sakurai Sheds Light On How Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Got 900 Songs

With just a few months till release, the hype for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is increasing as each day passes. Until now a great many details have surfaced already which have only added to the overall hype. We already knew that this game has a library of about 900 songs.

In this recently published edition of Famitsu the director and the video game designer, Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has over 900 songs in total out of which 800 songs are featured throughout the stages.

That most of us already knew but he has also shed light on how he has gathered each composer and executed the whole process until success.

Courtesy of Source Gaming, an English translation of the reflection of Masahiro Sakurai in this Famitsu magazine has been provided.

Shedding more light on this topic, Sakurai has also revealed that the My Music feature is also back and will allow you to select the songs of your choice, from the vast range from each related stage’s series. Although the number of tracks differs for each series, there are multiple reasons for that.

It seems to be that this time, the devs have worked hard on this upcoming crossover. After knowing what Sakurai has revealed there is a lot of assurance that the music in the game, will be the least of the worries. So certainly we can check that off the list.

Moreover, he also revealed that in order to spare no expense on the music composition of this game, they invited a lot of various artists and composers to participate in this creative process for the music. He initiated the process by first emailing as many acclaimed composers as he could.

Then after those who responded, he showed them the project plan. Following that NDAs were signed and immediately after the music selection process was initiated.

In the end, sharing his own love for the music, Sakurai said,

there’s no such thing as bad music in a great game

So, among so many positive changes that fans are looking forward to, this music composition aspect is definitely the best one, alright.

Having said that if you have not yet laid your eyes on the recently surfaced Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gameplay, which showcases Ridley, Dark Samus and much more, then you are certainly missing out on a lot. So without further ado check out the gameplay.