Super Smash Bros Trophy Rush Guide to Easy Trophies and Rewards

The higher you invest; the higher you earn.

If I was to describe Super Smash Bros Trophy Rush in one line, this would be it! Your task in this mode is fairly simple: smash blocks to earn Trophies & other cool rewards. The duration in which you can smash blocks must be bought according to the following rates:

One second = 6 Gold

You can choose to smash blocks for a minimal duration of thirty seconds [costing 180 Gold] and maximum duration of 2:30 minutes [costing 900 Gold].

If you have played Street Fighter II CE, you will immediately recognize this game mode. Blocks will ooze out from all directions and smashing them will increase players’ score.

A higher score will consequently lead to cooler rewards. In addition to regular boxes, some special boxes marked with special items will also appear.

Destroying these boxes will let you acquire special bonuses. The last type of box that appears in the field is Explosive Boxes. These boxes will detonate after making impact with the ground. You need to make sure to destroy them in the air or evade the blast radius.

Destroying boxes in rapid succession will let you create a combo for a higher score. You will also see a bar named ‘FEVER’ in the top-left corner of the screen. Once this bar is filled, most of the boxes appearing in the field will contain special rewards.

The last thing you need to note is that by taking damage, you will be knocked out of the stage. This does not mark the end of the mode, but your time will be decreased by fifteen seconds – that is about 90 Gold wasted!

This is everything we have on the Trophy Rush mode which is a great way of earning some Gold, Trophies, and other cool rewards.

If there is something else you would like to know, let us know in the comments below!

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