Super Smash Bros to Get Street Fighter’s Ryu, Fire Emblem’s Roy?

Okay so this is probably the most interesting news that I have heard today. Although unconfirmed, we have picked up word that two iconic characters from Street Fighter and Fire Emblem might be making their way to Super Smash Bros in the future updates.

The rumors were ignited when someone datamined the latest patch that was released to the game’s Nintendo 3DS version. According to the dataminer, there is an audio file named Ryu for a new stage theme of the same name. Checking out the file it was confirmed that it was indeed the stage theme for the character from Street Fighter.

Similarly, it was revealed that the patch files also contained a victory theme titled Roy which relates to the Fire Emblem character.

Other than this, the user also found data for EarthBound’s Lucas in the same fashion; and we all know that Lucas was recently confirmed.

At this point nothing is confirmed and all we have to go on is the existence of the files in the Super Smash Bros patch.

While all of this was claimed by a single Reddit user before, it has now been verified by another website called Cutting Room Floor that specializes in unused/cut content from games. According to them, the files are authentic.

If you look at the past guest characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man, they also had identical soundtracks from their original games featured in Super Smash Bros – just like the files for Ryu and Roy.

All this is pointing towards a very exciting future DLC for Super Smash Bros, but we suggest you wait for an official word before actually starting to expect something like this.

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