Super Smash Bros Tips – Attacking, Blocking, Advanced Techniques and Movement

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U brings up characters from different Nintendo franchises.

The title, no doubt, belongs to a pure fighting genre, but provides a novel experience. With a few changes, the core mechanics of the game are quite similar to popular fighting franchise like Street Fighter, etc.

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Super Smash Bros Tips

In this Super Smash Bros Beginner’s Guide, I’m going to talk about different mechanics and attacks at character’s disposal.

How to Score a Knockout

The knockout system of Super Smash Bros. is a little different from traditional fighting games. You need to keep on attacking the opponent character to increase his/her Damage Percentage.

A character with high Damage Percentage is easier to launch and throw out from a stage.

However, throwing out a character does not always result in a 100% knockout. Sometimes, a small window appears on the screen and the character reappears on the stage.

It can happen due to many reasons, but always make sure to launch the opponent higher enough to increase your chances of scoring a knockout.

Items and Collectibles

Throughout the battle, you will come across randomly dropped items on the field. These items give stat boosts to characters and must be picked up to use them. Check out our Super Smash Bros. – Items Guide for more information about each item.

In addition to items, different collectibles can be collected from the field. These collectible items include Trophies, Headgear, Power, Gold, and Outfits for Mii characters.

System Controls

The basic control scheme of the game is pretty simple, but eventually lead to a pretty complex combat system:

  • Press X/Y to jump
  • Press A to attack
  • Press B to execute special attack
  • Press L to grab the opponent
  • Press R to use shield

Movement Basics

Similar to traditional and modern fighting titles, the basics of movement include walking, dashing, crouching, jumping, and more.

Walk: move the Circle Pad in any direction to move your character.
Dash: move and hold the Circle Pad in any direction to make your character dash.
Crouch: move the Circle Pad down to make your character crouch.
Drop: flick the Circle Pad down to make your character drop down from several platforms.
Jump: press X/Y to jump and hold any of the buttons to extend your jump.
Double Jump: while in the air, press X/Y again to perform the double jump
Small Jump: quickly tap the Y/X button to perform a small jump.
Directional Jump: flick the Circle Pad in forward/backward direction and press X/Y to execute a directional jump.
Footstool Jump: hop onto an opponent and press X/Y to perform this kind of jump.

Attacks Basics

Normal Attacks
While your character is standing, press A to execute a normal attack. You can keep on pressing this button or hold it to perform a long chain of combo.

Strong Attacks
Every character in the game has three strong attacks: up tilt, down tilt, and side tilt. Move the Circle Pad in any of the mentioned directions and press A to execute these attacks.

Smash Attacks
Every character in the game has three smash attacks, like strong attacks. Move the Circle Pad in any of the mentioned directions and press/hold A to execute these attacks.

Dash Attacks
This is pretty simple to execute! You just need to press A while dashing to perform this attack.

Air Attacks
Every character in the game has five aerial attacks: neutral air, down air, up air, forward air, and back air. To execute these attacks, perform a directional jump and press A while in the air.

Special Attacks
Every character in the game has four special attacks: neutral special, down special, up special, and side special. Leave the Circle or move it in any direction followed by pressing B to perform these attacks.

Grab Attacks
This attack must be executed while standing near an opponent. Grab an opponent by pressing L and then press A to execute follow-up attacks.

Throwing Attacks
Many players confuse throwing with grab attacks, but actually, throws are follow-up attacks to grab attacks. There are four types of throws: up throw, down throw, forward throw, and back throw.

Grab an opponent with L and flick the Circle Pad in any of the directions mentioned to execute a throw.

Final Smash Attacks
You need to have a Smash Ball to execute this attack. Once you have the Smash Ball, destroy it and press B to execute the ultimate fury of your character unto your opponents.

Blocking Basics

In order to activate your character’s shield, you need to press and hold R. An activated shield will absorb enemy attacks and will eventually self-destruct.

To avoid this, deactivate your shield from time to time and let it recharge. Another good strategy is to activate a shield as soon as an opponent executes an attack.

By doing this, you will get Perfect Shield which will not cause your shield to get damaged. Also note that the shields cannot block grab attacks.

Dodging and Spot Dodging
If you don’t wish to destroy your shield, you can always try dodging your opponent’s attacks. In order to dodge an opponent’s attack, press R and flick the Circle Pad in any direction.

You can also flick the Circle Pad in up/down direction to execute a spot dodge.

Aerial Dodge
While in the air, press the R button to dodge an attack while in the air. After dodging an attack, you can change the direction of your character by using Circle Pad.

Fast Fall
While in the air, flick the Circle Pad in the downward direction to execute a fast fall. This can be used to quickly drop down from a jump and get that one-second advantage over your opponent.

Advanced Techniques

Like I have mentioned above, recovery moves do not guarantee 100% recovery chances, but that does not mean you should stop using them, altogether.

Every time, you get launched, make sure to utilize moves like jumps and special attacks to increase your chances of recovering.

During a recovery attempt, if a character is near the edge of the stage, he/she will automatically grab onto the ledge and will have a couple of options in that position:

  • You can press R to get back on the stage
  • Press A to attack the opponent and get back on the stage
  • Move the Circle Pad forward and get back on the stage
  • Press X/Y to get back on the stage

In addition to this these attacks, every character in the game has three different taunts: up taunt, down taunt, and side taunt. And lastly, in order to use the items dropped on the field, go near the item and press A to pick it up.

There are some items which will be automatically picked up. While holding an item, you can press L to drop that item or press L and flick the Circle Pad in any direction to throw that item in any direction. And finally, in order to use an item, simply press A.

If there is something that you would like to know, let yourself heard in the comments below!

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