These Are Our Most Anticipated Characters For Super Smash Bros For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo recently announced that they are releasing the long awaited Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch. We will be marking out the Most Anticipated Characters For Super Smash Bros Switch.

As seen in the trailer we will obviously start with the super Mario who is a veteran when It comes to the super smash bros. Link is seen in the trailer wearing his breath of the wild outfit bringing possibilities of other versions of him in the game.

Inkling girl and boy from the Splatoon franchise will also be making an appearance, no sign of Marina and pearl though.

Donkey Kong is included in the game marking his hair stand out in the trailer, Pikachu is seen standing next to JigglyPuff bringing his electrifying presence to the game!

If you want to know more about these potential characters, watch the video above.

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