Super Smash Bros Smash Run Tips – Stats Boosting, Powers, Equipment, Specials

Your task in Smash Run is simple: take out enemies within 300 seconds and collect items scattered around the field.

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Super Smash Bros Smash Run Tips

There are a number of options to choose from: you can either play solo and compete with three AI-rivals or with a group and compete with three human-controlled rivals.

Furthermore, you can customize different options and even change the music running in the background.

Solo Smash

First off, you need to select a character and choose a rival to face. You can also choose custom characters and edit/create different custom sets.

Once you are satisfied with everything, start the battle. While in the random Smash Run arena, explore different areas and platform to find enemies, rewards, and challenge doors.

You will see a clock ticking in the top-right corner of the screen. Once the timer runs out, the final battle will commence.

Character Screen – Touch Screen
In Smash Run, the Touch Screen displays the damage percentage of your character, information about different stats, collected items, and powers. These powers can be triggered by tapping them.

Touch Screen also displays the map of the Smash Run arena. Open up the map to see detailed information about damage percentage of opponent characters and their exact locations in the arena.

Damage percentage is an important factor; take too much damage and the enemies will throw you out of the arena which will consequently decrease your stats.

Increasing Character Stats
All characters in the arena appear with low stat values. Every character is given 300 seconds to collect stat boosts scattered throughout the arena. These stat boosts can also be found from treasure chests and fallen enemies.

Arms determine the power of items at your character’s disposal. You can increase this stat by taking out enemies using items.

Attack determines the damage dealt to opponents from your character’s regular, strong, and smash attacks. Take out enemies using strong attacks to increase the damage output of strong attacks.

With a low defense, enemies will be able to launch your characters and throw them out. This stat is increased by taking damage, blocking, and dodging different attacks.

Jump determines how higher a character can jump in the game. Keep on jumping around the field to increase this stat.

Just like Attack, special determines the damage inflicted by your character’s special attacks. Take out enemies using special attacks to increase this stat.

Speed determines how fast a character moves through the air and on the ground. The easiest method of increasing this stat is by running around the field.

Challenge Doors and Treasure Chests
Throughout the Smash Run arena, you will come across Challenge Doors. Entering these Challenge Doors will teleport you another location where you will be tasked to complete certain objectives and earn bonuses.

Survive in the face of enemies and environmental hazards until time runs out.

Defeat them all!
Defeat all available enemies within the allotted time.

Target Smash
Destroy all available targets within the allotted time.

Crystal Smash!
Destroy all available crystals within the allotted time.

Similar to Challenge Doors, Treasure Chests appear throughout the Smash Run arena. These chests contain items like trophies, powers, and other collectibles.

Powers can be unlocked from different game modes, but can only used in Smash Run. Every character in the game can carry a maximum of six Powers, but this is not a hard and fast rule.

The reason for this is because every Power has a fixed weight and every character has a weight limit. Using a Power is simple: open up the Touch Screen and tap on the Power located on the right side to use it.

Some Powers can be used more than once at the same time. Powers can get you out of many difficult positions. These are not only used to bring down a large number of foes, but to recover HP.

It is a good idea to have a Power which reduces the damage taken by your character or recovers HP.

Throughout your journey in the Smash Run arena, you will receive notifications for various events. These events can be rare events with valuable rewards or ordinary events with normal rewards.

Keep a close eye on the timer-bar in the top-right corner of the screen. Every time a white line is reached on this bar, a new event will be triggered.

After an event begins, another timer will appear on the top-left corner of the screen. This timer indicates the duration of the event.

Along with this, you will come across a small arrow on your screen. This arrow indicates the location of the event. There are a number of events in the game and are also provided below:

Defeat the marked enemy for rewards.

Treasure Trove
A new door appears in the area.

Treasure Map
Treasure chests appear throughout the area.

Otherworldly Door
A new door appears in the area.

Big Haul
Treasure chests yield more loot.

Doors Galore
Doors appear throughout the area.

Amped Up!
Your Speed and Jump stats are maxed out.

Heavenly Light
You gain Heavenly Light.

Fast Learner
It’s easier to increase a randomly selected stat.

Bonus Time
More stat boosts appear.

You are teleported to a random location.

? Fest
A randomly selected enemy appears more often.

You are pushed by a strong wind.

Dirty Trick
An enemy spawns bombs.

Final Battle Forecast
You’re given a hint about the final battle match type.

The Final Battles Begin
Once your 300 seconds in the Smash Run arena are over, the game will briefly show stats of all characters in the arena and will show the type of the Final Battle.

There are a lot of Final Battle types. For example, in one of the Final Battles, you will not face off AI-controlled rivals, but different waves of Mii characters and random fighters.

There are also some battles revolving around Run and Climb. These types of Final Battles will pit you against an opponent and you will have to race them to the finish line.

The areas will be covered with different obstacles so you will have to keep that in mind. Then there are climbing match in which all characters have to climb an area swarming with obstacles and other dangers.

In the list provided below, I have jotted down every possible Final Battle:

Smash is as simple as it gets! Use the available time to score more points than your opponents.

Mega Smash
All fighters are granted increased size and power.

High-Launch Smash
All fighters are easier to launch.

Flower Smash
All fighters are afflicted by flowers, causing their damage percentages to increase over time.

300% Smash
All fighters start with 300% damage. Be careful!

Reflect Smash
All fighters are given a Franklin Badge, which reflects incoming projectiles.

Stamina Smash
Instead of damage percentages, each fighter starts out with a set amount of health.

Stock Smash
Each fighter has a limited amount of stock lives.

Glorious Smash
The battle takes place on a stage’s Final Destination form.

Explosive Smash
Explosive items appear throughout the battle.

Mushroom Smash
Super Mushrooms and Poison Mushrooms appear throughout the battle.

Mr. Saturn Smash
Mr. Saturn appears throughout the battle. Use these items to take out your opponents’ shields.

Warp Star Smash
Warp Stars appear throughout the battle.

Multi-Man Smash
Each fighter faces a team of Mii Fighters and other characters. Score more points than your opponents.

Vs. Enemy Team
Each fighter faces a team of Smash Run enemies. Score more points than your opponents.

Fighters compete in a footrace. Make sure you avoid those fiery hazards on your way to the finish line.

Fighters jump along a series of platforms in this vertical race. Stay clear of the hazards scattered throughout the course.

Group Smash

The only thing differentiating Group Smash from Solo Smash is that in Group Smash, you face off characters controlled by other local human players.

Similar to the Solo Smash, the game begins with 300 seconds to power up your character followed by a final battle. Every strategy, enemy, and item that appears in the Solo Smash, also appears on the Group Smash.

Refer to the Solo Smash Section of this guide for more information!

Custom Mode

Custom Mode allows you to assign Powers, Specials, and Pieces of Equipment to your characters. You can have a total of ten Custom Sets. It is generally a good idea to experiment with different combinations of Power, Specials, and Pieces of Equipment to tackle any kind of situation.

Every character can have three different Pieces of Equipment which can alter a character’s attack, defense, and movement stats. These Pieces of Equipment also contain bonus stats.

Another important thing to note about POE is that they change more than one stat. For example, equipment increasing the attack will also lower the movement speed.

And lastly, there are some character-restricted equipment. Coming to Special Attacks, every character in the game has different Special Attacks, but you will also unlock new alternate Special Attacks.

Similar to Pieces of Equipment, you can assign different Special Attacks to your character and test them out in the Training Arena. Similar to POE and Special Attacks, you can also assign different Powers to your characters to use Smash Run arena.

Every character in the game can carry a maximum of six Powers, like I have mentioned earlier, this is not a hard and fast rule. Every Power in the game has a weight like every character has a weight limit.

Weigh your options carefully and then assign different Powers to your characters. In order to use a Power, open up the Touch Screen and tap on the Power you wish to use.

If you need any further help, let us know in the comments below!

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