Super Smash Bros Smash Run Enemies Guide

In Smash Run Arena, you will face all sorts of enemies in the 300 seconds before the Final Battle. In addition to Treasure Chests, Challenge Doors, and Events; enemies are absolutely great to acquire stat boosts and other rewards.

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Super Smash Bros Smash Run Enemies

There are a lot of enemies which will appear in the arena, and each of these enemies has distinctive strengths & weaknesses. In this guide, I’m going to talk about these enemies and how to kill them effectively.

Banzai Bill
These sluggish enemies are extremely powerful! The ideal method to take out these enemies is get beneath them and follow-up with an up-smash attack.

You can also bait them to follow you and get them stuck in a wall.

Big Goomba
These enemies will charge at you as soon as they will see you. The best way to take them out is to jump on top of their heads, but be warned; they have a lot of HP and do not die easily.

Bill Blaster
These mechanic enemies not only fire bullets, but also Koopas, Shy Guys, and Poppants. It is highly recommended that you take them out as soon as possible.

These enemies can be really frustrating because a single strike from their hammer will knock down any character. The best way to deal with these enemies is by using a couple of Powers.

Boom Stomper
These creatures will follow you throughout the field. The best way to kill them is to jump on top of their heads and couple it with some Powers.

Bronto Burt
These enemies are not at all hard to kill, but can be really frustrating. They will usually charge at you or follow you around the field.

There are two types of these enemies: Red Bubble with Fire Damage and Blue Bubble with Ice Damage. Like their name suggests, you can use Ice Elemental Damage to take out Red Bubble and Fire Elemental Damage to take out Blue Bubble.

These gigantic creatures will try to bite your head off or squash you under their feet. It is highly recommended taking them out first in a group because their fall will take out smaller enemies.

Bullet Bill
These enemies also follow you around the field, but are really easy to defeat. Jump on them to defeat them with ease!

Bumpety Bomb
This mobile bomb deals a lot of damage and can absorb damage dealt to it up front. You need to get behind it and attack from that side to kill it. Beware! It has a large blast radius.

Chain Chomp
These creatures are very hard to kill, but luckily they are immobile. Your best bet is slip past them and avoid taking them on at all. But if you wish to fight them, the best idea is to focus on the wooden structure attached to the chain.

These Fire-Type/Ghost Pokémon attack with three rapid attacks. You need to utilize Ice-Elemental attack to take them out with ease.

Like with the Chain Chomp, these enemies are very hard to kill and should be avoided. They are fixed to their place… until someone attacks them. While taking on these creatures, do note that they can absorb a lot of damage and cannot be launched.

This Fire-Type Pokémon attacks with an ice-beam which travels in straight line or follows its target. Use your Fire-Elemental attacks to take out this creature.

Disturb this creature and it will summon a mini battalion to its aid. You know the worst part? There are good chances that after clearing out the entire battalion, you will not receive any reward. Avoid them!

These enemies have very low HP, but drop in some mines with ridiculously large blast radius. Attack the mines from a distance to avoid getting caught in the blast radius.

These sluggish enemies use their sword and shield to absorb your attacks. While taking on them, you need to drop down their armour and then attack for additional damage. Remember that once the armour is gone, these enemies will become more agile.

Devil Car
This car moves forward and backward to run over players’ characters. You should not try to take on them unless you see a decent opportunity. A word of advice: fumes from the car’s exhaust also inflict damage.

These enemies can be really frustrating because they like to keep their distance while attacking. You need to avoid their fires and get near them to take them out.

These jelly-like creatures utilize their swords to attack the players’ characters. You will notice that they will pause in between attacks to catch their breath – this is when you need to take them out.

Flame Chomp
This creature will throw fireballs at you to deal damage, but luckily it does not have an unlimited supply of these fireballs. Once the creature runs out of the fireballs, it will lunge at you and will self-explode.

Fly Guy
I love these dudes! They are not at all hard to kill and carry valuable goods.

This Ghost-Type/Posion-Type Pokemon is extremely deadly at close range. I would highly recommend taking out these characters from a long range to avoid taking damage. Aside from long range attacks, do not try anything else.

You will often find these enemies on walls and ledges. The best strategy to take these enemies out is by sticking to the long-ranged attacks.

This thing is not an enemy itself, but produces several enemies to attack the players’ characters. As soon as you see one, take it out and claim the loot.

These enemies use a shield to protect them from players’ attacks. You need to get behind them and use your grab attacks to take them out easily.

These enemies deal ice-elemental damage which will freeze your character. The ideal method of taking out these enemies is by using fire-elemental attacks.

These sluggish enemies can be considered the opposite of Glice. And since they are opposite of Glice, the best way to take them out is by using ice-elemental attacks.

These enemies send rays of lightning to damage your character. The ideal strategy to defeat these characters is sticking to long-ranged attacks and avoid taking damage.

These enemies cannot be killed, so don’t bother. The best you can do is to keep your distance and avoid them.

Hammer Bro
These turtles target you with a charging hammer. Avoid the hammer and jump on their heads to take them out. Be careful! They reach a higher platform when they see someone coming their way.

Iridescent Glint Beetle
You will have a hard time chasing down these enemies, but once taken out, they will net you large amounts of Gold.

One spell from these wizards and all your stats will go down instantly. You need to use your best special attacks to take out these creatures as soon as possible.

These enemies are equally deadly from both close and long range. Make sure to avoid their attacks and take out quickly for various stats boosts.

For the best rewards, this Poison-Type Pokémon should be defeated once it’s in its ballooned state.

Koopa Paratroopa
Before you try to take them out, note that the red-shelled enemies are more agile than green-shelled ones. Bring them down from air and keep on attacking them to get your rewards.

These enemies will bite you and attacks with their claws. These are pretty straightforward enemies with a mediocre range. You should not have any difficulty in taking them out with your regular and special attacks.

These enemies drop spiny eggs on the field. These creatures tend to hover upwards as soon as you reach them, but with perfect timing, you should have no difficulty in taking them out.

These pretty flowers can be really deadly! They fire a beam which deals massive damage. You need to get behind them and use any of your special attacks to take them out.

These enemies are linked in chains and the best way to take them out is by attacking its head.

These creatures have a protection shield around them. First, you need to destroy the shield and then chase after a fleeing Mahva to earn some Defence Boosts.

This enemy has a large shield which can absorb a good amount of damage. Your best bet is to use a Down Smash and target the lower-half of the body to take out this creature.

These enemies stick to your head for massive damage. The best way to take out these creatures is to attack them with Ice-Elemental attacks.

These enemies mostly stay under the cover of their large helmets. You need to grab them and throw them to break their helmets followed by attacking to take them out.

These enemies can be very lethal and follow you around the field. You need to evade its powerful kicks and take them out to collect various stat boosts.

These creatures also make use to powerful kicks to attack their enemies. Furthermore, they attack in large groups for more impact. As soon as you see these creatures, look for a Generator in the nearby vicinity and destroy it to make things a little easier.

These enemies follow you around the field and can be really easy to kill. A couple of attacks should be sufficient to take them out.

These enemies fire seeds to deal damage to their enemies. Dodge these seeds and make use of your special attacks to take them out.

These enemies usually stay under the earth and only come out to shoot their enemies. The best way to take out these creatures is to grab them and throw them around the field.

Alright! You cannot defeat these creatures at all. Even a single touch from these enemies will instantly kill you. Avoid them!

Parasol Waddle Dee
These enemies can drop down on their enemies to deal significant amount of damage. Don’t roam directly under them and hop over their heads to take out these weak creatures.

These enemies attack with their spinning-moves and Peahat Larva. They are not extremely tough to take out, but drop some interesting loot.

This Grass-Type Pokémon has insane range when it comes to its attacks. As soon as you see this creatures on the field, leave everything and take it out first.

Plasma Wisp
These creatures fly above their enemies and attack them with their beam attacks. These attacks can be really fatal so these enemies should be taken out as soon as possible.

Polar Bear
These large bears jump into the air and cause an earthquake which damages everyone on the ground. You need to jump into the air to avoid the damage and make use of Fire-Elemental attacks to take them out.

These enemies hibernate when it sees an attack coming its way. Perfect your timing to catch them before they hibernate and keep on attacking them until they are ballooned up.

Letting these enemies go is not at all recommended! They contain heaps of awards so take them out as soon as you see them!

These enemies call forth their minions to attack their opponents. Furthermore, they also launch short-ranged attacks with their scythes. The best strategy to take out these creatures is to attack them from a long range!

These howls of these enemies can be really devastating. You need to keep your distance and attack them with projectiles to take them out.

These enemies deal massive damage, but are really easy to kill. Keep your distance and stick to long-ranged projectiles to attack these foes.

These enemies target their opponents with six bursts of fires. This creature pauses for a while between its attacks, giving players the opportunity to land in some heavy strikes and take it out.

These enemies cannot be defeated, so why bother?

Shy Guy
These guys come in different coloured variants which also indicate the kind of stat boost they drop. These foes are not at all tough to defeat, so you should not have any problems.

These enemies deal massive amount of damage and have pretty high HP. The ideal way to beat these enemies is to get behind them and attack them from behind to take them out.

Sneaky Spirits
These enemies rarely appear on the field and follow a pre-set motion pattern. Kill them out before they drift away to earn a star-shaped stat boost.

These enemies try to befuddle their opponents with varying attacks, but are not so tough to beat. It is highly recommended to take them out for decent bonuses.

Spike Top
You will often come across these enemies with a single spike on top of their heads. Word of advice: you cannot defeat these foes with long-ranged attacks.

These enemies use a sword and shield to attack and deflect their opponents’ attacks. Stick to using Powers and attack them from behind to take out these creatures efficiently.

There are a couple of ways of defeat this creature. You can keep your distance and stick to long-range or use your special attacks between its own attacks to take it out.

These sneaky little thieves steal your stat boosts and move away. As soon as you see one of these creatures, chase them down and reacquire all your lost stat boosts.

Tiki Buzz
Get beneath these creatures and they will toss a bomb onto your head. You should always jump on top of their heads to gain some additional altitude with your jump.

Waddle Doo
These enemies stick to short-range attacks to damage and stun their opponents. I would recommend keeping your distance and attack them with long-ranged projectiles to take them out.

These flying creatures attack their enemies with their sharpened claws. Your best bet to defeat these creatures is to use special attacks and Powers.

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