New Super Smash Bros Characters Commented On By Sakurai, Dismisses Console Wars

Nintendo and Smash fans around the world got to see two different reveals for new Super Smash Bros characters during Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct, the heroes from Dragon Quest, alongside Banjo and Kazooie from the eponymous game. Masahiro Sakurai went into detail on how each character got into the game.

Dragon Quest and Banjo-Kazooie are only the latest third-party games to be allowed into Super Smash Bros, as both franchises have been on Nintendo consoles in the past. However, Sakurai did say that Dragon Quest was a geat deal more difficult to allow into the game.

The reason for this is that Square Enix is very protective of the Dragon Quest heroes being used in side games. Even in the Dragon Quest Heroes games, the actual protagonist characters are never around, leaving only the side characters. They also had stipulations on how many Dragon Quest protagonists could interact to begin with.

There are already five Dragon Quest characters as part of the new Super Smash Bros characters, and all of the rest show up whenever the Hero does their Final Smash. Dragon Quest 8’s Hero in particular was picked because Dragon Quest 8 is the most popular Dragon Quest game outside of Japan.

In contrast, however, Banjo and Kazooie were extremely easy to get into the game. Sakurai actually expected trouble since Banjo and Kazooie, as part of Rare, were owned by Microsoft. However, it was apparently smooth sailing, and the developers at Rare even got to help out with fitting everyone’s favorite bird and bear into the game.

Along with the new Super Smash Bros characters, however, Sakurai did have one last statement, mainly that he didn’t care about all the kerfuffle surrounding the concept of “console wars.” In his mind, every console has good games, and people should learn to accept that instead of constantly arguing over which is best.