Super Smash Bros Character Combos, Moves, Counter Tips and Strategy Guide

There are chances that Super Smash Bros will make it to competitive tournaments, say EVO Championship. And to face off the world’s best players, you not only need to understand your character, but your opponents’ characters as well.

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Super Smash Bros Character Combos, Moves, Counter Tips

In this guide, I’m going to talk about how to effectively use every character in the game along with move-set.


Bowser Moves

A set

  • Neutral A – Damage: 5-10
  • Side-A – Damage: 11
  • Up-A – Damage: 12
  • Down-A – Damage: 14-25

A-Charged Moves

  • Side-A – Damage: 33-46
  • Up-A – Damage: 15-28
  • Down-A – Damage: 9-29

B Moves

  • Fire Breath – Damage: N/A
  • Flying Slam – Damage: 18
  • Whirling Fortress – Damage: 16 for initial hit and 2 for each consecutive hit
  • Bowser Bomb – Damage: 4 for the rise and 20 for the fall

Aerial Moves

  • Neutral-A – Damage: 13
  • Side-A – Damage: 12
  • Up-A – Damage: 12
  • Down-A – Damage: 1-12

General Strategy and Counter Tips
Being the heaviest and slowest character in the game, Bowser should be played a bit differently. When playing with this character, don’t rush the opponent, but exchange hits frequently due to Bowser’s decent damage output.

He also has a decent range with Tilt Attacks. While spacing, try and use Up Tilt and Forward Tilt from time to time. Another important thing to keep in mind is that Bowser cannot be stunned easily – use this to your advantage.

When you’re against Bowser, create a space and stick to Dash Attacks to get his Damage Percentage to at least 60%. Remember that this 60 damage percentage is the minimum.

Once you get to this point, start using Aerial Attacks and go for a knockout. Coming to Special Attacks, Whirling Fortress stays grounded and Bowser can control it horizontally.

As for Aerial Bowser Bomb, it goes directly below his position and deals high damage. But do note that during this attack, Bowser is vulnerable to different attacks from below.

Bowser Combos
I would like to thank UltimaLuminaire of SmashBoards for these discovered Bowser combos:

Neutral-Air will combo into Up Tilt if Bowser lands directly on a medium/light character. This is quite hard to do, especially if you touch the ground during neutral-air animation.

However, the attack deals about 20 per cent damage. At low percent, the first hit of the jab will combo into down-b, but if your opponent vectors away, it is possible to escape the range of down-b.

And lastly, 0% down-air against an aerial opponent can be chained into itself for additional 2%.

Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon Moves


  • Neutral-A – Damage: 3-23
  • Side-A – Damage: 10
  • Up-A – Damage: 13
  • Down-A – Damage: 10

A-Charged Moves

  • Side-A – Damage: 19-26
  • Up-A – Damage: 20-29
  • Down-A – Damage: 18-25

B Set

  • Falcon Punch! – Damage: 27
  • Raptor Boost – Damage: 7
  • Falcon Dive – Damage: 17
  • Falcon Kick – Damage: 13

Aerial Moves< .u>

  • Neutral-A – Damage: 4-8
  • Side-A – Damage: 19
  • Up-A – Damage: 13
  • Down-A – Damage: 14

General Strategy and Counter Tips
Captain Falcon has decent ground/aerial speed along with long-ranged attacks.

The idea is to keep a safe distance and use Raptor Boost and Falcon Kick to increase the damage percentage and then finish off with a Falcon Punch or charged kicks.

Falcon Punch deals lot of damage and can be interrupted at the start. Don’t forget to keep your opponent within Captain Falcon’s range. All in all, you need to have decent timing and spacing to be successful with this character.

When you are facing Captain Falcon as an opponent, maintain a safe distance and stick to aerial attacks. As soon as you see orange flashes on his body, make sure to move away or use your shield.

The best strategy to take him out is to get behind him and using projectiles.

Captain Falcon Combos
Check out the video provided by Gawain for some sample combos by Captain Falcon:


Charizard Moves

Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash – Attack with the head to gain invincibility
  • Down Smash – Stomps the ground and attacks with both wings
  • Up Smash – Launch opponents by attacking with both wings

Basic Attacks

  • Standing Attack – A series of attacks to knock an opponent up
  • Forward Tilt – Attack an opponent using the tail which can be moved up or down
  • Up Tilt – Attack airborne opponents using both wings without taking any damage
  • Down Tilt – A simple headbutt attack using the head
  • Dash Attack – While running, raises foot to launch opponents into the air
  • Edge Attack – Get back on the stage with a headbutt attack

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Air – Perform a forward flip while attacking with the tail
  • Up Air – Airborne opponents are attacked with the head and Charizard gains some invincibility
  • Down Air – Attack downward with one foot to gain meteor effect
  • Forward Air Attack – Claw forward in the air with this attack
  • Back Air – Attack with the tail which has a long range

Special Attacks

  • Flamethrower – Charizard breathes fire onto nearby opponents
  • Flare Blitz – Striking an enemy or obstacle results in a small explosion that can also cause damage
  • Fly – Attack upwards to damage an opponent multiple times
  • Rock Smash – Attack a rock with head so that its fragments damage the opponents

General Strategy and Counter Tips
Similar to Bowser, Charizard is another heavy character which lacks in Attack Speed and Agility. However, you will enjoy increased range and damage output with this character.

To counter agile opponents, make sure to utilize Flamethrower and Flare Blitz. Charizard also has a couple of invincibilities and super armour with Side Smash, Up Air, and Rock Smash.

Flamethrower doesn’t deal high damage, but can be used to put pressure on the opponents and make room for follow-up attacks. On the other hand, Flare Blitz is used to take out groups of enemies and deal high damage.

Note that using Flare Blitz will also damage Charizard even if you have a distance from the blast radius. With Rock Smash, make sure that you use it at short range and while going for a knockout.

While in the air, make use of Back-Air when looking for knocking out an opponent. Up-Air should be used in mid-air as it will provide head invincibility.

While you are looking for ground knockout, make sure to use Side Smash for increased damage and invincibility. And lastly, when edge-guarding, use Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Side Tilt and Down Tilt.

Charizard Combos
Check out these sample video provided by Jerek for information on combos:

Pit & Dark Pit

Pit & Dark Pit Moves

Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash – Pit strikes using his blades and knocks back opponents
  • Down Smash – A low blade attacks which knocks back opponents
  • Up Smash – A series of blade attacks which sends opponents into the air

Basic Attacks

  • Standing Attacks – A three-hit blade attack which sends opponents into the air
  • Forward Tilt – A quick attack with blades which also has a fairly long range
  • Up Tilt – A three-hit kick attack, the last of which sends opponents into the air
  • Down Tilt – A low attack from the blade
  • Dash Attack – Dark Pit lunges forward with both of his blades slashing down opponents
  • Edge Attack – Dark Pit gets back on the stage with a kick attack

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Air – A series of blade attacks which knocks away the opponent
  • Up Air – Dark Pit swings his blades around his head for multiple attacks which knock away opponents
  • Down Air – Dark Pit creates an arc using his blades which contain meteor effects
  • Forward Air – A series of attacks from the blades which knocks away the opponents diagonally
  • Back Air – A thrusting attack using his blades which has both long range and knockback effect

Special Attacks

  • Silver Bow – A mid-projectile attack which can be charged for increased strength, range, and speed
  • Electroshock Arm – A charged upper-cut which knocks away opponents diagonally
  • Pandora Wings – This is basically a recovery tool, and not an actual attack
  • Guardian Orbitars – Dark Pit gets a shield to deflect opponents’ attacks and damage them

General Strategy and Counter Tips
Air mobility is the strong point of Dark Pit because of his multiple jumps. While you are on the ground, utilize Up Tilt, Side Smash, and Up Smash for consecutive jabs.

As for poking your opponents, stick to Side Tilt and Down Tilt. You need to keep your focus on spamming the opponent with arrows. If your opponent is also relying on projectiles, using Mirror Shield is your best bet.

If you are going against Pit/Dark Pit, try your best to avoid the arrows. Stay up close or use jumps to avoid the arrows. Another good strategy to use here is to dodge behind him and attack from there.

Pit & Dark Pit Combos
Check out these combos provided by RogersBase:

Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong Moves


  • Neutral A – Damage: 3-19
  • Side-A – Damage: 11
  • Up-A – Damage: 7
  • Down-A – Damage: 7

Charged A-Moves

  • Side-A – Damage: 18-25
  • Up-A – Damage: 15-22
  • Down-A – Damage: 16-22

B Moves

  • Peanut Popgun – Damage: 5-18
  • Monkey Flip – Damage: 5-15
  • Rocketbarrel Boost – Damage: 10
  • Banana Peel – Damage: None

Aerial Moves

  • Neutral-Air – Damage: 6
  • Side-Air – Damage: 14
  • Up-Air – Damage: 11
  • Down-Air – Damage: 12

General Strategy and Counter Tips
Diddy Kong is one of the fastest characters in the game who is able to wall jump, cling onto different structures, and crawl. In addition to this, he also has a long range on most of his attacks.

While playing with this character, you need to keep some distance from your opponent and use Banana Peel and Peanut Popgun as your primary attacks.

Stay close to Banana Peel and look for opportunities to execute follow-up attacks. You can use Side/Down Smash, Monkey Flip, or Dash Attack as the follow-up attacks.

If you are looking for a knockout, try using Down/Side Smash or Forward Air. When you are playing against Diddy Kong, you need to avoid Banana Peel and Peanut Popgun at all costs.

The ideal strategy is to close in on him and don’t let him maintain any distance. Keep on attacking to pressurize him and he will break soon.

Coming to Aerial Attacks, Forward Air is one of the best attacks at this character’s disposal. With Down Air, you will get meteor effect which should be used at the very start of a match.

Back Air has a decent speed and range, but it suffers greatly from its damage output – still, use it frequently.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Moves


  • A-Neutral – Damage: 3-10
  • Side-A – Damage: 10
  • Up-A – Damage: 6
  • Down-A – Damage: 8

Charged A-Moves

  • Side-A – Damage: 20-29
  • Up-A – Damage: 18-25
  • Down-A – Damage: 17-23

B Moves

  • Giant Punch – Damage: 10-28
  • Side-B – Damage: 10
  • Spinning Kong – Damage: 4-18
  • Hand Slap – Damage: 14

Aerial Moves

  • Neutral-Air – Damage: 8-11
  • Side-Air – Damage: 16
  • Up-Air – Damage: 14
  • Down-Air – Damage: 16

General Strategy and Counter Tips
There are a very few characters in the game which have decent mobility despite of their size, and Donkey Kong is one of them. This character has excellent throws, strong KO power, and fairly long range when it comes to most of its attacks.

The only drawback of using this character is his large size which makes him easy to target. Few of the best attacks at this character’s disposal are Back Air, Forward Smash, and throws.

Back Air should be used most of the times to increase your opponent’s damage percentage. Another thing that you need to do is to charge Giant Punch for additional damage.

It is not advised to use Smash Attacks at close range, but relying on regular attacks and ground slap to maintain some distance. When you’re playing against Donkey Kong, try and stay near him to increase the damage percentage using fast low-damaging attacks.

Projectiles seem to work fine against this opponent; but I would recommend charging in close. Attacks like Up Air, Down Air, and Forward Air will give Donkey Kong meteor effects and ground bounces with different strengths.

To prevent an enemy from getting behind you and catching you off-guard, use your Up Tilt attacks which will cover most of the area near you.

Throws play an important role when it comes to playing Donkey Kong. With Forward Throw, Donkey Kong can walk around while carrying the opponent.

While carrying an opponent, stick to Forward/Down options to throw an enemy to the farthest possible distance.

Dr. Mario & Mario

Dr. Mario & Mario Moves


  • A Neutral – Damage: 3-9
  • Side-A – Damage: 8
  • Up-A – Damage: 7
  • Down-A – Damage: 5

A-Charged Moves

  • Side-A – Damage: 14-19
  • Up-A – Damage: 14-19
  • Down-A – Damage: 15-21

B Moves

  • Fireball – Damage: 5
  • Cape – Damage: 8
  • Super Jump Punch – Damage: 1-12
  • F.L.U.D.D – Damage: None

Aerial Moves

  • Neutral-Air – Damage: 10
  • Side-Air – Damage: 13
  • Up-Air – Damage: 11
  • Down-Air – Damage: 2-10

General Strategy and Counter Tips
First off, note that the difference between Mario and Dr. Mario is that Dr. Mario’s attacks deal about 10% more damage and are about 20% slower. In addition to this, the height of Dr. Mario’s jump is also 10% less than Mario.

You need to focus on close range combat and make use of Smash Attacks to deal damage and get chances of KO. Another thing to keep in mind is that Mario’s Super Jump Punch is not as powerful as Luigi’s.

When you are playing against Mario, you need to maintain a safe distance and stick to using projectiles. Even if you get in close for a close-range fight, Mario will not give you much of a trouble.

Just keep an eye out on your damage bar and keep on poking him before KO. Coming to the aerial attacks, you need to utilize Forward Air, Back Air, Up Air, and Super Jump Punch.

While on the ground, stick to Forward Smash most of the times. Lastly, when we talk about edge-guarding, you need to stick to Super Sheet to turn opponents around and use Megavitamins.

Dr. Mario & Mario Combos
Check out these videos provided below for some sample Mario combos:

Video #1

Video #2

Duck Hunt

Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash – multiple projectiles are fired that gain more range when charged
  • Down Smash – alternating projectiles in front and behind Duck Hunt
  • Up Smash – multiple projectiles above Duck Hunt

Regular Attacks

  • Neutral Attack – both Duck and Dog execute series of rapid attacks
  • Forward Tilt – duck flies horizontally and attacks with its nib
  • Up Tilt – the Dog pushes the Duck upwards into the air
  • Down Tilt – the Duck attacks the lower half of the opponent with its nib
  • Dash Attack – both Duck and Dog attack the opponent
  • Edge Attack – the Duck cover the Dog as it climbs back on stage

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Air – the Dog performs a cartwheel attack in the air
  • Up Air – the Duck fly upwards while delivering multiple strikes with its nib
  • Down Air – both Duck and Dog strike the opponent with meteor smash
  • Forward Air – both Duck and Dog attack simultaneously
  • Back Air – Similar to Forward Air

Special Attacks

  • Trick Shooting [Neutral Special]
  • Clay Shooting [Side Special]
  • Duck Jump [Up Special]
  • Wild Gunman [Down Special]

General Strategy and Counter Tips
If you are the kind of player who likes to rely on zoning, the Duck Hunt is the perfect character for you. It has a range of long–ranged attacks and projectiles to keep your enemy at arm’s length.

Another thing to keep in mind is, despite of the two characters [Duck and Dog], and there is only one HP bar. When we talk about drawbacks, Duck Hunt’s weight, recovery and KO power are few of the issues.

When we talk about projectiles, make sure to use Trick Shooting due to its explosive nature and knockback effect. However, do note that the explosion can also damage Duck Hunt. In addition to this, Clay Shooting is another decent projectile which should be used more often.

Coming to the attacks with best range, rely on Forward Air and Back Air. These attacks are also used to KO opponents while in the air.

And lastly, coming to Smash Attacks, Side Smash is the one to go with because Up Smash and Down Smash require pretty good timing. Use up Tilt to cover the area above you and use Side Tilt to poke enemies.


Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash – an overhead attack using both of his wings
  • Down Smash – a series of attacks that hit enemies from front and back
  • Up Smash – back flip attacks that knock enemies upward

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral – two regular jabs followed by a rapid spinning attack
  • Forward Tilt – a long–ranged kick that can be aimed up/down
  • Up Tilt – a 2–hit upper–cut
  • Down Tilt – a low spinning attack
  • Dash Attack – a sprinting kick that has a long range
  • Edge Attack – return to the stage with a devastating drop kick

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Air – an aerial attack using Falco’s wings
  • Up Air – a flip kick using both feet
  • Down Air – a KOF’s Robert–styled drop kick which has meteor effect
  • Forward Air – a multi–hit spiral attack using Falco’s nib
  • Back Air – a horizontal kick from behind the enemy

Special Attacks

  • Blaster [Neutral Special]
  • Falco Phantasm [Side Special]
  • Fire Bird [Up Special]
  • Reflector [Down Special]

General Strategy and Counter Tips
Falco has one of the highest jumps in the game and is also the lightest. His speed can be considered as a drawback, but Blaster and Reflector make up for it by allowing him to fight while maintaining a distance.

Use his high jump and chase enemies in the air followed by using Down Air, Forward Air, and Neutral Air for some devastating combos. With Down Air, you will receive meteor effect, and Forward/Neutral Air allows him to rack up decent damage.

When we talk about his best Aerial Attack, go with Back Air due to its insanely long range and brilliant KO effect. Coming to Smash Attacks, stick to Side Smash and Down Smash.

Down Smash doesn’t only has pretty long range, but it also has invincibility effect on the feet. Both of these attacks should be used to knock out opponents horizontally.


Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash – a devastating attack with both feet
  • Down Smash – a split attack damaging opponents both from front and back
  • Up Smash – a rising upper–cut using feet

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral Attack – a two–hit jab attack followed by rapid kick attacks
  • Forward Tilt – a front kick which can be aimed in up/down direction
  • Up Tilt – a devastating kick which covers both forward and upward directions
  • Down Tilt – a low spinning attack
  • Dash Attack – a sprinting kick with decent range
  • Edge Attack – Fox gets back on the stage while attacking with both her feet

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Air – a flying kick
  • Up Air – a backward flip kick attack having small range
  • Down Air – a spinning attack which hits multiple times
  • Forward Air – a five–hit spinning attack
  • Back Air – a spin kick from behind

Special Attacks

  • Blaster [Neutral Special]
  • Fox Illusion [Side Special]
  • Fire Fox [Up Special]
  • Reflector [Down Special]

General Strategy and Counter Tips
Fox is certainly one of the fastest and most light–weighed characters in the game. Your strategy should revolve around these characters. Fox is able to execute high jumps to get variety in his combos.

However, you need to make sure that your opponents don’t use this against you. The only drawback of Fox, according to me, is his short range with the exception of his long–range attack, Blaster.

Speaking of Blaster, you should use it quite frequently and practice to do three Blaster shots in one jump.

Another useful tool at Fox’s disposal is his Reflector which allows him to return projectiles with increased speed and damage. However, this thing requires practice and precise timing.

When we talk about KOs and Aerial Attacks, stick to Back Air for horizontal takedowns and Up Air for vertical knockout. If you are on the ground, you need to give Up Smash a chance which makes Fox’s head invincible.

You can also go with Down Smash if you plan to make Fox’s feet invincible. Create a combination of these things and come out with your own strategy.


Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash – an attack from the elbow–strike which can be aimed in upward/downward direction
  • Down Smash – a combination of two kicks which can be joined in a combo and send opponents away
  • Up Smash – a series of vertical kicks which knocks opponents into the air

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral Attack – a solo jab which has the knock–back effect
  • Forward Tilt – a sluggish devastating kick that has a long range
  • Up Tilt – a downward kick attack with great KO effect
  • Down Tilt – a low kick with great damage and knockout effect
  • Dash Attack – a sprinting attack with head and shoulder
  • Edge Attack – Ganondorf gets back on the stage followed by an upward swing of his arm

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Air – spinning double–kick attack
  • Up Air – a rapid flip kick attack
  • Down Air – a powerful stomping attacks with both kicks
  • Forward Air – a powerful downward punch with decent damage
  • Back Air – A powerful arm attack with strong damage and knockback effect

Special Attacks

  • Warlock Punch [Neutral Special]
  • Flame Choke [Side Special]
  • Dark Dive [Up Special]
  • Wizard’s Foot [Down Special]

General Strategy and Counter Tips
Bowser and Ganondorf can be considered as the heaviest characters in the game. Due to his high weight, this character has lacked mobility and attack speed. When we talk about damage, most of the Ganondorf’s attacks deal a high damage.

His mobility can be improved a bit by Flame Choke and Wizard’s Foot. Flame Choke is a nice attack due to its armour capabilities. When approaching an opponent with high damage, always make sure to do so with Flame Choke.

As for Wizard’s Foot, it is Ganondorf’s one of the best attacks when it comes to range. Always use it at a distance to poke enemies and punish them.

One of the best abilities at Ganondorf’s disposal is the Warlock Punch which gains further damage when it is executed in the air.

Coming to Aerial Attacks, Neutral Air and Up Air are few of the absolute beast attacks. Down Air has a pretty decent meteor smash, but it requires precise timing.

While going for Smash Attacks, you need to make use of Side Tilt. It has a pretty strong damage output, but requires a lot of timing.

Ganondorf Combos
Below, you will find some of the sample combos of Ganondorf:


Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash – a series of horizontal blade attacks
  • Down Smash – a downward attack with blades of water
  • Up Smash – a blade attack which first goes up and then down

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral Attack – a series of jabs followed by rapid attacks
  • Forward Tilt – a horizontal kick which can be aimed in upward/downward direction
  • Up Tilt – a long–ranged attack using the tongue
  • Down Tilt – a low kick which knocks back enemies
  • Dash Attack – a sprinting spinning attack
  • Edge Attack – Greninja gets back on the stage while attacking with both legs

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Air – a burst of water surrounds the character
  • Up Air – a series of upward kicks which hit multiple times
  • Down Air – a downward stomp which has meteor effect
  • Forward Air – a forward attack using the Water Blade
  • Back Air – a series of rapid kicks which sends opponents

Special Attacks

  • Water Shuriken [Neutral Special]
  • Shadow Sneak [Side Special]
  • Hydro Pump [Up Special]
  • Substitute [Down Special]

General Strategy and Counter Tips
Agility, height, and decent recovery options is what defines Greninja. When we talk about his Water Blades, he enjoys a decent range. Water Shuriken should be used to encounter your enemies from a distance – it also deals a ton of damage.

The largest of shurikens delivers multiple hits and even carries opponents off stage. Make use of Shadow Sneak which is one of the best moves at Greninja’s disposal.

When we talk about Aerial Attacks, Forward Air should be used for impressive range, speed, and damage. Neutral Air can also be used to in this regard and to get your protected by multiple opponents.

Down Air should be used to deliver meteor effect while Back/Up Air should be used to rack up some damage. If you looking to knockout your opponents, make use of Forward Air and Up Air.

While on the ground, Side Smash is your best option. Up Smash is pretty decent when it comes to rack up damage, but it has limited KO effect.

Greninja Combos
Check out the video below for some of the combos at Greninja’s disposal:

This guide is currently a work–in–progress! We will keep on updating it in days to come.

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