Super Meat Boy 2 Might Happen, Says Developer

Super Meat Boy fans shouldn’t rule out a sequel because developers aren’t against it. Artist Edmund McMillen spoke during interview and said that the first game has invoked some pretty unique ideas for the sequel.

During the time Super Meat Boy was being discussed for other platforms, developers talked about Super Meat Boy sequel.

What we talked about was possibly working on a sequel, and it’s something that I like a lot. There were aspects of Forever that were moves that Meat Boy did…that we were prototyping that felt like they could be better used in a sequel. The future of Meat Boy is definitely up in the air, but a sequel is something that I wouldn’t be opposed to doing even though we both said that we wouldn’t do it.

Developers say that it’s not like they have a story written and ready to go, but they can see themselves doing a sequel in the future. Surely, fans would love another installment, but it could take a while before we hear an official announcement.

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