Super Mario Odyssey Tips and Strategies Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Tips and Strategies Guide will provide you with numerous tips and tricks, which will help to make the game a little easier for you.

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Super Mario Odyssey Tips and Strategies

Super Mario has always been a complex game with various intricacies and mechanics. As these can impact your experience of the game and make the game that much more difficult for newcomers to this much-loved series; these tips and tricks are a sure way to streamline your Super Mario Odyssey experience.

Die, Die, Die
The traditional game over screen in Mario has been removed. Now if you die, you respawn at the next checkpoint with 10 fewer gold coins.

This means that you can take risks and explore the world to find bonuses and other interesting areas to explore.

Do not be afraid to go wherever you feel like there is something different going on. You will find the game is much more enjoyable this way.

Collecting Coins
Coins work a little differently now. There are gold coins and world-specific coins. World coins are about 50 in number and spread out across each world; and are used to purchase clothes and items from the shop.

Gold coins are universal and you can use them for your overall life force or buy items from the shop.

Find Mini-Games
There are a lot of mini-games which you can find. They can range from volleyball to jump rope to car racing, among many others.

You should not try to complete a level as fast as possible but rather explore the area to find as many interesting mini-games as you can.

Power Moons
Remember to not try to fixate on a particular Power Moon during a world. There are a lot of Power Moons available, far more than you actually need to progress.

Therefore, if you find that you are stuck, it is better to move on rather than fixating on getting one Power Moon and waste your time. Not to mention the frustration that goes along with it.

Also, in each Kingdom’s yellow crazy cap store, there’s a Power Moon available for 100 coins. Buying it can give you a head start to hit the target number of Moons for each Kingdom and move on to the next one.

Use Cappy Effectively!
There is perhaps just one way to use Cappy well, THROW IT EVERYWHERE! It can be used for anything from destroying enemies to possess inanimate options.

You need to take chances with Cappy and throw it at various different entities to find out which ones you can interact with and what does Cappy do to them.

Remember that you cannot possess something if it is already wearing a hat, but you can use Cappy to make them lose the hat and then control them.

Furthermore, Cappy can also keep you from danger provided that you use it the right way.

For instance, if you are about to land in a danger zone, simply throw the Cappy in some other direction while you are in mid-air and Mario will get blown in that direction right away.

You have a plethora of outfits available to you in the new Super Mario, with many of them relating to a particular world in terms of aesthetics.

You have a lot of options such as the chef outfit and can make your experience much more enjoyable. Certain outfits will unlock new moves, which might make solving certain puzzles much easier.

You will be able to find a lot of robots, which will be equipped with binoculars. It is best if you throw Cappy at them, as it will allow you to possess them.

Now you will be able to take them and fly high into the sky to discover if there are secret areas which you can access or just areas with a lot of coins for you to collect. Interacting with these objects is definitely worth your while.

Use Dive-Jumps
This improved version of dive-jump in Super Mario Odyssey can really be useful when you are up in the air and you need to land on elevated spots where your normal jump won’t suffice.

To perform this action, press ZR+Y when you’re at the top of your jump and leave the rest to Mario.

Get Help From NPCs
When on each level, you are stuck and have no idea whatsoever where to find the remaining Power Moons, luckily, you have the option to interact with the following three helping characters:

  • The Talkatoo – gives you a hint of the name of a Power Moon (3 Power Moon hints per kingdom).
  • The Hint Toad – For 50 cold hard coins, shows you the exact location of a Power Moon.
  • Uncle amiibo – shows you the exact location of a Power Moon once you scan an amiibo.

An amiibo can also have a significant impact on your gameplay. During your play through, hold right on the D-Pad to make the amiibo logo appear on the screen and then scan it to get an in-game bonus

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