Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moon Locations Guide

In this guide, Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moon Locations, we will be guiding you through each and every single moon located in the Sand Kingdom.

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Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moon Locations

The Sand Kingdom has no shortage of power moons, and with the creative world of Mario Odyssey constantly testing your limits, you will see that locating these moons can be certainly very tricky.

Atop the Highest Tower
This is your first main story task. Follow the path and get the moon from the tower.

Moon Shards in the Sand
This moon will be highlighted in the cutscene. Throw your cap at Moe-Eye and use his shades to be able to see invisible platforms that you can use to collect the shards.

Showdown on the Inverted Pyramid
This moon can be unlocked by beating the first boss of the area. You will get 3 moons when you are done.

The Hole in the Desert
Similar to the last one, follow the main story and defeat the boss that comes up to unlock these moons.

Overlooking the Desert Town
Climb on the roofs in the city to find this moon. It will be on a tower.

Alcove in the Ruins
You can locate the Power Moon in the alcove towards the corner of the quicksand area.

On the Leaning Pillar
Get a bullet bill to travel to the Power Moon.

Hidden Room in the Flowing Sands
Go to the quicksand area and check the back wall. You will find some space underneath the wall, drop to the sand and jump up once you have crossed the wall to find a secret room.

Secret of the Mural
You can find the moon in the 2D tower area before you go exit it. Find a fake wall and the moon will be behind it.

Secret of the Inverted Mural
Find this in the 2D area of the inverted pyramid. Don’t go to the green tube, instead go right and jump through the hole on the wall to locate the Power Moon.

On Top of Stone Archway
Head to Tostarena Town where you will find power lines that you can use to travel. Travel across, and you will find a line that goes over the ruins.

Keep an eye out below as you pass over the power moon; drop down immediately and grab it.

From a Crate in the Ruins
You will be able to see the Power Moon shine through the crate. Use your cap on Bullet Bill to eradicate the crate and get the Power Moon from the ledge across the gap.

On the Lone Pillar
Go to the desert and find it on top of the pillar. Capture a Glydon on top of the ruins to get to the pillar and collect the Power Moon.

On the Leaning Pillar
Throw your cap at the Jaxi tail and hold the button to make the Power Moon appear.

Hang Your Hat on the Fountain
Use the same process that you used with the previous one. Spin your hat on top of the fountain.

Where the Birds Gather
Use your butt slam on the sand dune where all of the birds are found in the oasis. This will reveal the Power Moon.

Top of a Dune
Use your butt slam on the dune to locate the Power Moon. When your controller vibrates faster, you are closer to the Moon.

Lost in the Luggage
Same as before, butt slam the area near the massive building with all the stuff thrown out.

Bullet Bill Breakthrough
Use your Bullet Bill to get through the wall and break the cage of the Power Moon.

Inside a Block is a Hard Place
Destroy the object using the Bullet Bill to get the Moon.

Bird Travelling the Desert
You can find two Power Moons on the birds traveling in the area, hit it with your cap as it flies over the oasis.

Bird Travelling the Wastes
Same as before, hit the bird as it flies over the swamp to get the Power Moon.

The Lurker Under the Stone
Follow the moving object on top of the Inverted pyramid and throw your cap at it to stun it. Butt slam it to find the Power Moon.

The Treasure of Jaxi Ruins
Use your Glydon to get to the platforms with two chests. The Power Moon is in the left one.

Seeds (All Three)
All three of these Power Moons can be found on the left side of the main plaza. Find three seeds across the kingdom and plant them in the pots in the plaza to have each of them give you a Power Moon.

The first seed is near the pots, the second is on the east wall of the ruins and the last one is on a cliff towards the west. Hug the wall at the edge of the desert and keep an eye out for the seed.

Sand Kingdom Timer Challenge #1
You know the drill, activate the scarecrow and then use your roll and wall jump to get to the Power Moon.

Sand Kingdom Timer Challenge #2
Same as before. Get a Moe-Eye to reveal the western swamp area’s invisible path which you have to complete before the timer runs out.

Sand Kingdom Timer Challenge #3
Get a Jaxi and go to the scarecrow to the east of the east swamp. Dash across the swamp with the Jaxi to get the Power Moon.

Found in the Sand! Good Dog!
Once you defeat the two bosses, there will be a dog that appears in front of the town.

Follow the good boy and it will start digging a specific spot in the ground, at which point, simply ground pound on the glowing sand to retrieve the power moon.

Taking Notes: Jump on the Palm
Head to the small oasis located at the south-east part of the map where you will see a bunch of musical notes at the top of the palm tree.

Climb and activate the challenge. If you manage to collect the power notes before the time finishes, you will get a power moon.

Herding Sheep in the Dunes
Near the inverted pyramid, you will see a person in distress who needs help in finding their sheep. They can be found very close by; head behind them, and hit them to send them to the circle.

Fishing in the Oasis
Head to the Oasis and capture the Lakitu. Make sure you’re by the western side of the small lake, and you will see a large shadow appear. You will be able to acquire the power moon this way.

Love in the Heart of the Desert
After defeating all the bosses of the area, a lot of Goombas will start showing up. Stack yourself on top of as many Goombas as you can around the ruins. Walk your stack of Goombas to her and she will drop a Power Moon.

Among the Five Cactuses
Take the Jaxi from the front of the town once you’ve defeated the two bosses. Head to the Northern part of the kingdom, where you will find five oddly paced cacti. Smash the middle one using your Jaxi to find a power moon.

You’re Quite a Catch, Captain Toad!
Go to the Oasis and capture the Lakitu, once you have it, head North until you don’t have any more space left. Reel in the largest shadow and you will find the power moon.

Jaxi Reunion!
Take the Jaxi to the North-Eastern part of the Oasis. Make Jaxi stand on the empty platform and you will receive a power moon.

Welcome Back, Jaxi!
Head to the top of the inverted pyramid once you’ve beaten both bosses and have used the Jaxi.

Call the Jaxi from the stand and ride it to the corner of the pyramid that doesn’t have a Jaxi there. You’ll get a power moon.

Wandering Cactus
To the north of the Oasis, you will be able to find a cactus with a green button. Throw your cap on it and start controlling it.

Move it out of the way and you will be able to find a moon underneath the ground. Ground stomp it to reveal it.

Sand Quiz: Wonderful!
Answer the questions that the Sphynx asks of you a second time which go as follows: 30, Ice, 5, and Sphynx.

The questions will be asked after you’ve acquired the power moon from Sphynx’s Treasure Vault.

Shopping in Tostarena
Go to the Crazy Cap Shop after making a total of 100 coins and simply buy the power moon.

Employees Only
Behind the counter of the Crazy Cap Shop you can find a moon. After you’ve cleared off all the ice, go behind the shop and sneak into the grate where you can find the power moon.

Sand Kingdom Slots
After the slot machine has opened, enter and play a game of slots to be able to win the power moon. Stand on the left side of the slots so you can hit all the stars. The hearts transition to the moon, so use that to get all three moons.

Walking the Desert!
North-West of the Oasis is a Koopa with the Trace Walking Challenge. Walk around the disappearing challenges, and earn a minimal score of 80 out of 100 in order to acquire the power moon.

Hidden Room in the Inverted Pyramid
During your journey to the top of the inverted pyramid; there is a part where you get to ride a bullet bill around the three pillars.

Exit the bullet bill and enter the platform just before the third pillar to the far left.

Stay on the platform until you’ve pushed through the exit on the left, at which point you will discover a secret room with a secret power moon.

Underground Treasure Chest
In the underground ice cave, you will be able to find an area where you ride two bullet bills. Riding the second bill, you will find a large pillar that blocks your path.

Fly over to the right side of the large wall.Here, you will find a few steps and trampolines. Take them to the top and cross the narrow wall to the other side.

Across it, you will find a chest with the power moon.

Goomba Tower Assembly
Once you’ve defeated Broodal on the inverted pyramid, you will see a massive hole appear in the ground. Enter it, and you will find yourself in an underground area with a lot of Goombas.

It’s time to build a tower with said Goombas and reach the power moon above in the area with the three moving ice platforms.

Under the Mummy’s Curse
After defeating all the bosses, there will be a hole in the North of the Desert. Head down it and you will find the power moon in the area where the second boss was.

Ice Cave Treasure
After you drop into the large whirlpool in the ruins, you will find yourself in an ice cave. The first part of this cave includes you traversing pillars.

After you get to the final two pillars, put yourselves in between them and start wall jumping to get to the top of the stones and you will find a power moon.

Sphynx’s Treasure Vault
A Sphynx Statue at the north-western end of the ruins will ask you a question of which the answer is Coin. Once you answer it, you will be able to find the power moon in a hidden room.

A Rumble from the Sandy Floor
A warp pipe can be found near Talkatoo. Take it and you will find a room with a townfolk in there. Find the spot in the room hiding the power moon.

It is located around the top left part of the room, feel for your controller’s vibration and ground pound once it vibrates very hard.

Dancing with New Friends
Go to the north-western part of the town and you will see a room that you can only access should you happen to have a Sombrero and a Poncho.

Once you have both, head inside the party room and start dancing it out to get the power moon.

The Invisible Maze
From the Moe-Eye area head North and go down the canyon. Inside the room there will be Moe-Eyes in rooms filled with toxic sludge.

Just capture the Moe-Eye to progress through each of the rooms. Once you make it to the final room, you will be able to grab the power moon.

Skull Sign in the Transparent Maze
In the same area as the Invisible Maze, there will be a poison sign in the first room. Stand on the invisible platform right in front of it and toss your cap at the send. Keep holding the throw button until you receive your power moon.

The Bullet Bill Maze: Break Through!
Found in the ruins at the Tostarena Northwestern Reaches, there will be a red door that holds a puzzle with Bullet Bills and a lot of poison.

Slowly yet steadily, reach the end of the maze and collect the power moon.

The Bullet Bill Maze: Side Path
There will be a small path to the left before you reach the first set of rotating walls. Replace your Bullet Bill here and swing around the corridor to find this power moon.

Jaxi Driver
Head on top of the Jaxi Ruins and grab the Jaxi at the stand. Enter the path under the warp point. Go through the main path and you will find a power moon at the exit.

Jaxi Stunt Driving
In the center of the puzzle room in Jaxi Ruins, you will find a music note in the central area. Grab the two rows of power notes immediately after you grab the central note, and it will unlock the power moon for you.

Strange Neighborhood
Capture the rocket in Tostarena Town and fly to the special puzzle room. At the end of the rotating buildings you will find a power moon waiting out for you.

Above a Strange Neighborhood
In the puzzle you reach using the rocket, you will see three Goombas along with a row of three blocks. Get on top of the blocks and jump up from the center block.

Jump on top of the hidden block and you will see a power moon above you.

Secret Path to Tostarena!
Found in the Lake Kingdom, is a painting located at the bottom of the pool up the stairs from Odyssey. Interact with the painting and you will get a power moon.

Check in the Wooded Kingdom if this is not the painting you see.

Found with Sand Kingdom Art
In the Eastern part of the town, you will find hint art. Go to Bowser’s Kingdom and head to the Souvenir Shop flag.

Ground pound the third rock from the right of the flag, and you will get a power moon.

Jammin’ in the Sand Kingdom
Play Broodals Battle next to the Toad on a building within the town. You will get the power moon once you complete the action.

Hat-and-Seek: In the Sand
Talk to the Ghost wearing a top hat in the Southern part of the town, situated right next to the actual taxi.

Once done, talk to the second guy located left of the storefront and you will get the power moon.

Sand Kingdom Regular Cup
In the North-Western corner of the Sand Kingdom, you will see a Koopa who wants to race you. Turn left as soon as you start the race and use Jaxi to finish the race.

Binding Band Returned
Head to the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower and go North-West to the hole located to the west of the Inverted Pyramid. Jump into it and ignore any zombies within. Throw the cap at the slingshot and ground pound on top of the diamond to get the power moon.

Round-the-World Tourist
Speak to the Tostarenan near the Taxi south of the city.  You will need to visit this person in every Kingdom, the order of which is, Metro, Cascade, Luncheon, Moon and Mushroom.

You will receive a power moon in each of these kingdoms, and a final one when he returns to the Sand Kingdom.

Peach in the Sand Kingdom
Go to Tostarena Ruins Round Tower and use the electrical wire to get to the top of the inverted pyramid. Here, you will find Peach near the edge along with a power moon waiting for you.

Mighty Leap from the Palm Tree!
Head to Desert Oasis’ flag, and climb the palm tree. Simply do a backflip off of here to collect a power moon.

On the North Pillar
This time, head to the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower and ride the wire to the inverted pyramid, turn left and ride another electrical wire only to jump off halfway landing on the pillar with the power moon.

Into the Flowing Sands
Found in Tostarena Ruins Round Tower, jump down and go through the 2-D section of the wall. You will be able to see a power moon just over the edge.

In the Skies Above the Canyon
Go to Tostarena Ruins Round Tower and to your west is a moving platform. Use the platform and just before it turns, jump to the right and grab the power moon floating about.

Island in the Poison Swamp
Go to Jaxi Ruins and use him to head to the island in between the purple goop. Just collect the power moon lying there.

An invisible Gleam
Go to Moe-Eye habitat and take over the Moe-Eye. Walk to the pillar with the lift and use it to get up. Walk across the invisible bridge between the first and second pillars.

Get out of Moe-Eye and butt stomp on the second pillar to get the power moon.

On the Eastern Pillar
Go to Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar flag. Jump down the ledge and capture the Bullet Bill. Head over the ledge and the tilted column located to your right.

Make sure a second Bullet Bill is following you and jump on top of the other tilted column. Capture the previous Bullet Bill and face away from where you initially started.

Get as much speed as you can by shaking your controller, and grab the power moon in the middle of the desert by exiting the bullet bill.

Caught Hopping in the Desert!
Head to the South-Western part of the Sand Kingdom and you will find a bunch of cute rabbits. Chase them until you can capture one of them.

Poster Cleanup
Found in the far North-West, you will be able to find a dancing character around the building. Covered in posters, use your cap to remove each and every single one of them and you will receive a power moon.

Taking Notes: Running Down
Found in the South-Western part of the Sand Kingdom. Make sure you’re riding Jaxi, and use the treble clef between the two cactuses and head through the line of musical notes to find a power moon at the very end.

Taking Notes: In the Wall Painting
In the wall painting at the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower, you will be able to find a treble clef. Jump on it and start collecting all the musical notes that spawn afterwards and you will be able to find a power moon.

Love at the Edge of the Desert
North-Western part of the desert beholds a Goomba wearing a hat. What you need to do is, take over a Goomba and bring it all the way back to this one with a hat in order to get the power moon.

More Walking in the Desert
At the Oasis where the Koopa has the Trace-Walking challenge for you, if you manage to score 90 points, you can get a second moon as well.

Sand Kingdom Master Cup
In the North-Western Corner of the Sand Kingdom is a Koopa that you previously raced. Race him again using the same method, by using the Jaxi to your left.

Where the Transparent Platforms End
Take control of the Stone Character near the Tostarena Town warp flag. And go through the maze. Walk onto the floating platforms, and stop at the second one.

To your right, walk off near the wall, and you will find yourself on a ledge. Wait for the ledge to move and you will collect a key and return to the beginning.

Jump Onto the Transparent Lift
Once you’re transported to the beginning, you will be able to collect the second power moon right after collecting the key.

Colossal Ruins: Dash Jump! and Sinking Colossal Ruins: Hurry!
Go to Tostarena Ruins Entrance, and enter the chimney to the left of the entrance. Complete the course to find the two power moons.

Through the Freezing Waterway and Freezing Waterway: Hidden Room
Two moons can be found in the North-Eastern part of the Sand Kingdom.

Enter the gray chimney and you will be able to find two power moons here. The first one can simply be found by getting to the end.

In between the power course, however, right after the narrow hallway with toxic sludge, simply blast up and go left to find the second, hidden power moon

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